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Who Appears On The Fishing Line?

For loyal "Fishing Line" listeners, the following list comes as no surprise as you have followed the show and the wide array of guests and topics each week since we debuted on the airwaves May 6, 1995. I would only hope your fishing success has improved dramatically and I thank each and every one of you for tuning in each week.

For those who have just found us on the airwaves (AM radio) or on the internet, all the information on the shows, is contained within this web site and hopefully that is how you traveled to this page.

Following is the list of all the guests, subjects and topics we have covered in our 3rd and 4th seasons on the air. If you happen to see a guest, subject or topic that interests you, audio tapes of "The Fishing Line" radio show may be purchased by sending a check or money order made out to Rich Johnson for $9.95, which covers your shipping & handling charges.

Send check or money order to:

"The Fishing Line"
c/o Rich Johnson
24 Troy Ave.
E. Atlantic Beach, NY   11561



  • 1/3: No Guest
  • 1/10: Women in Fishing: Lyla Foggia publisher of Women’s Reel News
  • 1/17: Winter Trout Fishing: Gil Bergen, Park Manager Connetquot Park
  • 1/24: What’s New for 98’ in Boats & Motors: Lenny Rudow/Boating Magazine, Dave Church/Si-Tex Marine & Jim Luterri/Suffolk Marine
  • 1/31: Live Remote from Outdoor Expo/Nassau Coliseum


  • 2/7: Remote NYMTTA Boat Show/Nassau Coliseum with guests: Dennis Smeigal/president NYMTA, Ralph Votta, Rich Janis,Woody Jones
  • 2/14: Save Our Streams Program: Julie Middleton of Isaac Walton League
  • 2/21: Replacing & Anylizing Drags: Dawn Bunker of Smooth Drag Systems
  • 2/28: Niss Fly Fishing School: Clarence Ware of Caleb Smith State Park


  • 3/7: Remote from NYSF Show & Auction in Freeport;
  • 3/14: "Hooked on Reading...Fishing" Mike Ventura, principal Cannan Elementary
  • 3/21: Flounder Opener:
  • 3/28: Remote Fred Chall Marine Supply: Jim & Ralph Giordano/Bernie's B&T


  • 4/4: Diesel Engines & Filters: Mike DeLillo/Walker Engineering:
  • 4/11: Is the  Government Regulating us to Death? George Reiger, Conservation Editor/Field & Stream Magazine & Boat Insurance Tips/Al Mott Marine Insurance:
  • 4/18: Capt. Paul Giangreco/Fisherman II Charter Boat: Montauk Action
  • 4/25: Painting the Facts on Boat Paints!: Jim Seidel/Interlux Paints


  • 5/2: Fishing Western LI Sound: Capt. Steve Jagoda/Molly Roze Charters
  • 5/9: South Shore Shark Fishing: Capt. Gary Blackler/Wavelength Charters
  • 5/16:
  • 5/23: Long Island Sound Fluke: Capt. James Schneider/Capt. James
  • 5/30: Flycasting Flats for Stripers: Capt. David Blinken:North Flats Guiding


  • 6/6: Summer Ocean Bottom Fishing: Capt. Al Lindroth of Capt. Al party boat
  • 6/13: Fisheries Management: Gordon Colvin & Byron Young of NYDEC/LI
  • 6/20: Insect Repellents & Deet: Boyd Bush of Tender Corp., Littleton, NH
  • 6/27: Long Island's North Fork Fishing:Capt. Bob Wassuta/WeGo Fishing B&T Southold


  • 7/4: No Guest
  • 7/11: 13th Annual Chris Larkin Memorial Fishing Tournament/ Live on Location from Hudson Point Fishing Station
  • 7/18: Joe Pfister of Seeker Rods in California & Mark MacLeod of 9er Lures of Massachusetts
  • 7/25: Jim Donofrio/Recreational Fishing Alliance & Steve Sloan/Fisheries Defense Fund

August: The ABC's of Fishing Month                                                                   August is Berkley month for the Consumer

Berkley Month: Each week we will bring you a segment on the new products from Berkley, Abu-Garcia, Fenwick and Red Wolfe Tackle.

  • 8/1: Barry Day: Field Promotion Manager /secrets of the right fishing line
  • 8/8: Clay Norris: Products Manager/Choosing the right fishing rods (we gave away a pair of $100 rods on this show)
  • 8/22: Dave Ohlaug: Abu-Garcia/ The in's & outs of the Ambassadeur Reels & the new Anti-backlash rees) We'll give one of these away!
  • 8/29: John Prochnow: Berkley Power Baits! Tune in, we'll give away a bunch of these!


  • 9/5: John DeCufa/Jack's B&T: and the WICC Wimm Mr. McSwigin
  • 9/12: Dale Barnes/ Product Manager Fenwick
  • 9/19: Montauk Surf Fishing: Kathy Kronuck/Johnny's B&T
  • 9/26: Boat Show Giveaways


  • 10/3: Rick Tafuro/Tobay Boat Show: Ticket Giveaways
  • 10/10: Greg kozlowski of DEC: Kids Fishing Festival
  • 10/17: No Guests just reports
  • 10/24: Remote from NYSF Fall Show guests inlcude Pat Augustine/NYSF, Mike Nicoletti/Causeway B&T/ Steve Petri/Petri Fish/John Mantione/Pres. NYFTTA
  • 10/31: Fishing Reports


  • 11/7: Fishing Shad Bait Umbrella Rigs: Mark MacLeod of 9er Lures
  • 11/14: Salty Fly Fishing: Lou Tabory
  • 11/21: Offshore Codfishing trips: Capt. Gillespie of the Capt Lou Fleet
  • 11/28: Closing of the Fluke Fishing? Steve Sloan & Capt. Bob Wasstua


  • 12/5: Steve Sloan: Fisheries Defense Fund
  • 12/12: Fishing Reports and Christmas Music Trivia Giveaways
  • 12/19: Tackle Giveaways
  • 12/26: More Giveaways

1997 GUESTS:


  • 1/4: Collecting Antique Tackle: Frank Pintauro
  • 1/11: Sheepshead Bay: Capt. George Richford & Bay Improvement Group on
  • 1/18: What’s New for 97’ in Boats & Motors: Capt. John Raguso
  • 1/25: 1997 Outdoor Hunting & Fishing Expo: Bill & Jim/Premiere Expo


  • 2/1: Live remote from Outdoor Expo
  • 2/8: Blackfish Dilemma: with William Wise/Chairman Marine Resource Advisory Council:
  • 2/15: No Guest John Cacciola/Glen Cove was scheduled
  • 2/22: How to Buy a Used or New Boat: Frank Hunter/Marine Sales


  • 3/1: Fisheries Management and Auction: Pat Augustine/NYSFF
  • 3/8: Remote from NYSFF Show & Auction
  • 3/15: Captree Flounder: Capt. Nick Manzari & Capt. George Bartenback
  • 3/22: Fred Chall Remote in Freeport
  • 3/29: Federal Fisheries Management: Jim Donofrio/RFA


  • 4/5: Round Robin Calls to Tackle Shops for reports
  • 4/12: Sheepshead Bay 1/2 Day Fishing: with Capt. George Aswad/Sea Queen II
  • 4/19: Donated Show for NYSFF & Capt. Fred Keiser/Scamp V Chartersof Captree
  • 4/26: Steve Sloan  as fill in.


  • 5/3: North Fork Fluke & Squid: Capt. Bob Wassuta/WeFo Fishing B&T Southold
  • 5/10: Montauk Action & Edgewater: Bill Wallace & Rich Jensen/Star Island Yacht Club
  • 5/17: Capt. Gene Becker/Pisces Charters
  • 5/24: Port Jeff action / Porgies & Blues: Capt. Bruce Cash/Port Jeff Fleet
  • 5/31: Remote from Freeport Festival: Don & Jeff Schnaars Garans B&T


  • 6/7: Black Bass Special: Mike Nicoletti & Pat Xiques Causeway B&T
  • 6/14: Remote Hudson Anglers Shark Tournament
  • 6/21: Computer Fishing Logs: Jeff Gammons of Fishbase Software
  • 6/28: No guest/Fishing Reports


  • 7/5: No Guests/Fishing Reports from shops
  • 7/12: Remote from Hudson Point for Chris Larkin Tourney
  • 7/19: Fly Fishing for Weakfish-Great South Bay: Don Avondolio/Camp-Site Sport
  • 7/26: Artificial Reefs & other DEC Projects: Steve Heins/DEC Reef Specialist


  • 8/2: Shark & Tuna Management: Steve Sloan/Capt. Joe McBride
  • 8/8: Party Boat Bluefishing: Capt. Anthony Gilespie Star Stream II
  • 8/15: North Shore Bluefishing & WICC Tourney: John DeCufa/John Cacciola
  • 8/22: Party Boat Ocean Bottom Fishing: Capt. Al Lindroth/Capt. Al
  • 8/30: Surf Fishing with Tins & Metals: Ralph Votta/Charlie Graves


  • 9/6: Point Lookout Day
  • 9/13: Family Boating & Tobay Show: Glen Mazzella/Glenn Marine
  • 9/20: Chris Larkin Auction Winners
  • 9/27: No Guest/Surf Fishing


  • 10/4: Fire Island Area Fishing: Tony Contarino/Burnett’s B&T
  • 10/11: North Shore Blackfishing and Striped Bass: Capt. James Schneider/Capt. James
  • 10/18: Bluefin Tuna Management & Washington: Steve Sloan
  • 10/25: MRAC Proposals to DEC on Fishery Management: Bill Wise


  • 11/1: Dom Santillo/Fred Chall Marine
  • 11/8: Codfishing: Anthony Gilespie/Star Stream II
  • 11/15: DEC Law Enforcement: Capt. Rich Otterstadt
  • 11/22: No Guest
  • 11/27: Thanksgiving Day Special Broadcast


  • 2/6: Computer Fishing Logs: Jeff Gammons/Fishbase Software
  • 12/13: Family and Generations Fishing: Charlie Backmann/Beckmann’s B&T

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