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2011/2012 Season
Who Appears On The Fishing Line?

For  "Fishing Line" listeners, the list comes as no surprise as the wide array of guests and topics each week is as eclectic as any Flip Palot, Bob Popovics & Rich JohnsonBill Evans & Rich JohnsonRJ & Shaw Grigsbyin the history of radio. Since we debuted on the airwaves over a decade ago, I only hope your fishing success has improved and I thank each and every one of you for tuning in each week. For those who just found us on the airwaves of WGBB 1240 AM or who listen to the shows streamed each week on the internet, all the information on the shows is contained within this web site. Following is the list of all the guests, subjects and topics we have covered in our 2011/2010 seasons. As you can see guests include Flip Palot, Bob Popovics, WABC's Meteorologist Bill Evans, comedian Joey Kola  Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston,  "One More Cast" host Shaw Grigsby and the "Bass Professor" himself Doug Hannon on a regular well as that of the expert captains and anglers from around our Northeast region and the world. If you happen to see a guest, subject or topic that interests you, audio tapes of "The Fishing Line" radio show may be purchased by sending a check or money order made out to Rich Johnson for $9.95, add $4 for US Priority mail shipping & handling charges. Now you can listen to Archived Radio Interviews where indicated starting with our June 18th show and we will make every effort possible to go back and pick the best interviews over the last decade and put them on the web as start checking the rest of 2005 & 2006 and start working your way backwards.

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2011 Radio Show Guests

January Shows 1-5

February Shows 6-9

  • 2/5: Reports & Calls
  • 2/12: Capt. Mike McDonald of SC on redfishing
  • 2/19: Greg DiDomenico of the Research Set Aside (RSA) program
  • 2/26: Jim Gilmore of DEC

March Shows 10-13

  • 3/5: Live from Suffern Expo: Guests include Capt. Bob Wiegand of Flamingo 3, Dave Roll and Jeff Depursia.
  • 3/12: Reports & Calls
  • 3/19: Live from Somerset Saltwater Show: Guests include Capt. Jim Schneider of James Joseph, Capt. Greg Markert of Golden Eagle in NJ, Jon Sauers of the expo & surfcaster Ron Arra.
  • 3/26: Reports & Calls

April Shows 14-18

  • 4/2: Author Robert Sousa of Flies & Trout
  • 4/9: Reports & Calls
  • 4/16: Reports & Calls
  • 4/23: Reports & Calls
  • 4/30: Reports & Calls

May Shows 19-22

  • 5/17: Reports & Calls
  • 5/14: Eric Luvas of Anglers Ammo on line shop
  • 5/21: Reports & Calls
  • 5/28: Reports & Calls

June Shows 23-26

July Shows 27-31

  • 7/2: Earl Miller of Bahamas Tourism
  • 7/9: Reports & Calls
  • 7/16: Reports & Calls
  • 7/23: Robert Bogucki of Bait N
  • 7/30: Reports & Calls

August Shows 32-15

  • 8/6: Greg Myerson
  • 8/13: Reports & Calls
  • 8/20: Greg Myerson: New World Record Holder Striped Bass?
  • 8/27: Jim Gilmore of NY DEC Blackfish Regs in the Fall?

September Shows 36-39





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