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Connecticut Marine Fisheries  2015
Call: 860-434-6043

Saltwater License: $10 resident / $15 non resident

Winter Flounder
Minimum length:  12 inches
Daily Limit: 
2 fish per angler
April 1 to Dec 31

Winter flounder

Summer Flounder (Fluke)
Minimum length:  18 inches
Daily limit:
5 fish per angler
May 17 to Sept. 21

Summer flounder (fluke)

Striped Bass 
Minimum length: 28 inches
Daily limit: 
1 fish per angler
Season: Open Year Round
Bonus: 1 fish with tag 22-28  5/1-12/31

Striped bass

Minimum length: None
Daily limit: 10 fish per angler
    (Including "snappers")
Season: Open Year Round


Hickory Shad:
Minimum length:  None
Daily limit: 6 fish per angler
Open Year Round

American Shad
6 fish only from the CT River ONLY

Hickory shad
American shad

Blackfish (Tautog)
Minimum length: 16 inches
2 fish 4/1-4/30
2 fish 7/1-8/31
4 fish 10/10-12/6

Blackfish (tautog)

Weakfish (Sea Trout)  
Minimum length:  16 inches
Daily limit: 1 fish
Season: Open Year Round


Scup (Porgy)
Minimum length: 10 inches
Daily limit: 30 fish per angler
Season: Open May 1 - Dec. 31
Party/Charter Vessels
10 inches
30 May 1 - 8/31

Then 45 fish Sept & Oct.

Scup (Porgy)

White Perch 
Minimum length:  7 inches
Daily limit: 30 fish per angler
Season: Open Year Round

White perch

Black Sea Bass
Minimum length: 14 inches
Daily limit: 3 fish 6/1-8/31
5 fish 9/1-12/31

Party/Charter: 8 fish 6/21-12/31

Black Sea Bass

American Eel
Minimum length: 9 inches
Daily creel limit: 25 fish per angler
Season:  Open Year Round

American eel

Atlantic Cod / Haddock
Minimum length:
   23 inches (Federal waters)
   23 inches (State waters)
Daily creel limit:  10 fish per angler
  (Both species in aggregate)
Season:  Open Year Round

Atlantic cod

Minimum length:  19 inches
Daily creel limit:  None
Season:  Open Year Round


Blue Crab
Minimum shell width
(Spike tip to spike tip):
5 inches - Hard shell
  3 1/2 inches - Soft shell
Daily creel limit:  None
Season:  May 1 - November 30

Blue crab


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