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 The bass bite in the Western sound is in full swing, the fish appear to have left Montauk on their way to their migration down south. From buoy 18 in Stratford and south from 28-35 you will catch fish, also west to the BH buoy. In that area is bass highway, mud bottom no real structure, but bass are always passing thru, go figure. The day bite has been on fire. over the weekend was great as on Saturday, we had wind against tide so the drift 3-waying was ideal, most of the bass came on bunker heads and liveies , eels seemed to produce but often came back with a tail missing from our toothy friends. The ratio was 3-1 with bass being on top. Sunday produced the same results with fish into the low 20# range, but wind and tide were pushing us too fast so we had to drop the hook over some structure. The night bite has been 90% bass and bigger fish, fresh bunker and livies are key, and eels will produce as well. The bigger cows are yet to arrive, but when you see the "striper sniper" in the area you know the big fish are coming


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