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Video Library
1934 Kay Lane
Surfside Beach, SC 

Up To Date Inventory as of October 29, 2019

How To & Do It Yourself:
How To: Montauk ThreshersHow To: Cleaning FishHow To: Rod BuildingHow To: Rigging & Tying KnotsTFL Bloopers
Montauk Threshers (Sold Out)
Cleaning Fish (
Rod Building (55 minutes)
Rigging & Tying Knots & Rigs (35 minutes) (Sold Out)

Surf Fishing:
A Day In The Life Of A SurfcasterSurf Fishing Montauk Part 1Surf Fishing Montauk Part 2Surf Fishing Jetties
Rigging EelsMaking Eel Skin Plugs
1. A Day In The Life of a Surfcaster (10)
2. Fishing Montauk Point Part 1
3. Fishing Montauk Point Part 2  
4. Surf Fishing Jetties & Beaches  
5. Rigging Eels
(Sold Out)

6. Making Eel Skin Plugs (25)

Flounder (Winter):
Ambushing Spring FlounderMoriches Bay Flounder Raritan Bay FlounderJamaica Bay Flounder
Moriches Winter Founder in June
(Sold Out)
Raritan Bay (NJ) Spring Flounder
Jamaica Bay Flounder (4)
LI South Shore Spring Channel Flounder (Sold Out)
NJ Spring Ocean Flounder Fishing (Sold Out)

Fluke (Summer Flounder)Bucktailing LI Sound FlukeShallow Water Bucktailing FlukeLive Snapper-Big FLukeGeneral Fluke Tactics:

Fluke Tactics (Sold Out)
Live Snapper...Big Fluke (Sold Out)
Shallow Water Bucktailing Fluke
Bucktailing LI Sound Fluke (
Sold Out)

Bottom Fishing:

Summer Sea Bass On Ocean Eagle Moriches Bay TriggerfishLong Island Sound PorgiesGreenport's Party Boat PorgiesSpring Blackfish with ClamsTrophy Tog with HermitsReef Blackfishing

Summer Sea Bass (8)

Moriches Triggerfish (14)

Ocean Bottom Fishing (16)
Long Island Sound Porgies (Sold Out)
Greenport Party Boat Porgies (6)

LI Sound Spring Blackfishing with Clams (4)

Trophy Tog with Hermit Crabs (12)

Reef Blackfishing (6)

Long Island Sound Fall Tog with Crabs  (Sold Out)
Porgies with the Legends...Capt. Al Lindroth & Paul Forsberg (Viking) Part 1 Sold Out
Porgies with the Legends...Capt. Al Lindroth & Paul Forsberg (Viking) Part 2
Sold Out

Striped Bass Fishing with Bait:
Sandworming LI Sound Stripers
Clam Bellying BassChunkin' Western LI Sound Cow Striped BassStriped Bass Tactics
East River StripersLive Herring For Striped BassHudson River StripersBunker For BassWorming Sandy Hook Ris for Striped Bass
Striped Bass Tactics Part 1 (baits) (2)
Sandworming LI Sound Stripers (Sold Out)
Clam Bellying Back Bay Stripers (5)

Chunkin' Western LI Sound Cow Bass (55 minutes) (22)
East River Stripers (Sold Out)
Live Herring for Stripers  (1)
Hudson River Stripers (Sold Out)

Bunker Live & Chunked for Striped Bass  (7)
Night Worming Sandy Hook Stripers in Rips (55 minutes)  (6)
Clam Bellying Inlet Stripers Sold Out
Orient Point Night Stripers with Eels  Sold Out

Striped Bass with ArtificialsNorth Fork 3-Way Bucktails for BassJigging Fire Island StripersTrolling Plugs for BassBack Bay Summer Plugging Jigging NY Bight StripersStriped Bass Tactics Part 2Surface Smashing River StripersTrolling Parachutes on Wire Line:

Striped Bass Tactics Part 2 with Artificials
North Fork 3
-Way Bucktailing Stripers (3)
Jigging Fire Island Stripers (17)

Jigging LI Sound Bass/Blues (7)
Diamond Jigging NY Bight Bass & Blues (44 minutes) (9)
Back Bay Plugging
Trolling Plugs On Wire Line (1)

Trolling Parachutes On Wire Line (2)

Surface Smashing River Stripers (40 minutes) Sold Out
Light Tackle Late Fall Stripers
Sold Out


Bluefish with Bait or Artificials
Diamond Jigging LI Sound Giant Blues

1. Jigging LI Sound Blues & Bass
Bait & Chumming Bluefish Sold Out
3. Diamond Jigging Bluefish
& Bass Sold Out

Fly Fishing:

Legends of Flyfishing Part 1 (9)
Legends of Flyfishing Part 2 (12)
Intro to Saltwater Fly Fishing (Sold Out)
Fly Fishing Delaware River Gap Wild Brown Trout (new) (2)
Flyfishing Bluegill
s & Panfish (Sold Out)

Freshwater FishingMahopac Coldwater SmalliesPitchin' Plastics to Pre Spawn SmallmouthSlop Fishing LargemouthsDrop Shottin' Bass:


Cold Water Smallmouth (5)
Pitching Plastics To Pre-Spawn Bass (1)
Slop Fishing Largemouth (4)
Drop Shottin' Largemouth (10)
Hot Summer Largemouth Sold Out 

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