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So...What's In A Report

The fishing reports you hear on "The Fishing Line" are the only, true up to the minute reports you can find in the entire fishing industry. If you follow the reports on paper, you follow fish and never quite catch up. Good anglers know fish are always on the move. Old news is no news...of any value!

I compile these reports late Friday night and all day Saturday right up till air time. I call nearly, every tackle shop on Long Island and get party and charter boat reports right from the captains on the VHF radio! Then my staff work the phones, updating these reports through the show until finally, when I give one of five (5) report segments, they are truly "up to the minute." I'll give you fishing reports for the entire Long Island region from Montauk to the NY Bight and all of Long Island Sound.

These reports are updated every 24 to 36 hours...HOWEVER...just because the words on the page have not changed...does not mean we didn't make the calls to update the reports. It takes 12 to 14 hours to do all these reports and if nothing has changed for better or for worse...then we can't spending 12 hours typing new words to say the same things. If and when the fishing changes, we'll change the words to say so. If the reports haven' changed then the fishing has not changed!!

In this section of "The Fishing Line" on the Web, the up to the minute fishing reports are downloaded every Saturday evening by yours truly when I return home from doing "The Fishing Line" radio show. This way, in case you missed the broadcast (shame on you!), you can download all the up to minute reports for your use on Sunday and the following week, thus increasing your catch & success rate. Then I do the whole thing over again for the Sunday edition, so the reports are fresh Sunday afternoon & evening too!

Simply click on the Report Section you wish to read on the buttons to the left. Remember, these reports are updated throughout the day Saturdays, so when you hit the water, you...

Know where the fish are...not where they were!!


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