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A Reel Getaway Vacation
By Rich Johnson

Being in outdoor communications, I try to get as much info to the public as possible Eldred Laremouthon a variety of topics. How-To articles are always well received by readers, listeners and viewers and I try to keep anglers up on fishery management issues and tackle tips etc. Each week in print and on our shows we try to bring you Where-To info as well whether it’s where fish are biting or the trips I take to various locations within our area. Each season on the television show we give viewers a getaway trip to an area in the tri-state region like last year’s trip for brown trout on Lake Ontario and this year we have another great get-away trip planned.

I spent the last three days at the Eldred Preserve ( in Eldred, NY shooting this week’s television show on the Preserve as this season’s Get-A-Way and finding fish in a new or strange lake should you and your family take get away vacations. The Eldred Preserve is a 2-1/2 hour ride for my home in Long Beach, LI and I took the television film crew with me for two reasons…to film a show and show them my appreciation for their hard work, giving them a day or two off to enjoy the Preserve’s great accommodations and amenities.

The Eldred Preserve has 30 room accommodations right on the preserve, a full gourmet dinning experience and some of the best fishing in the tri-state area. The trout ponds offer trout on fly or spin tackle, catfish to 12 pounds or better and the opportunity to see wild turkey, black bear and American bald eagles while fishing at the trout ponds or the two 80-acre bass lakes within the Preserve’s 3,000 acres. You can fish with the Preserve’s private guide or take one of many 16-foot aluminum boats provided with fully charged electric trolling motors.

We arrived Monday afternoon working location shots and then fishing with Eldred’s guide Bill Albright that evening and the next morning for large and smallmouth bass and some of the largest bluegills sand crappie I’ve ever seen. We spoke on scouting and finding fish on a new or strange lake and the Preserve’s bass fishing. The crew and I also found a new hobby…shooting clays. The preserve offers 5 stand clay shooting with the innovative BIRDBRAIN system and trap control system putting clay target shooting into a new dimension. It was great fun and challenging whether novice or advanced.

The crew and I loved it as we fired round and after round of 12-gauge shotgun fun and I even hit 11 of them! Eldred offers deer & bear hunting, canoeing and white water rafting on the Delaware River in association with an outfitter in the area! The Preserve is great fun for the entire family and you can see it on this Saturday morning’s show at 8 a.m. on WLNY TV-55. For more info, directions and all the Eldred Preserve has to offer, call at 800-557-FISH or on the web at


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