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Commonly Seen NY Metro Region Area Fish



Peak Season

Prefered Habitat


Cigar-shaped body. The head is long and the mouth is fairly large. Dark gray to metallic blue on the back, becoming white to gray below.

August-October Inshore and offshore



Dark gray or blackish with 8 to 12 dark, narrow vertical bands across the back. Average w eight 2 pounds; reaches 20 pounds.

September -May Rocky bottoms, reefs, wrecks, bridges

Black Sea Bass


Dark brown or black. Dorsal fin has stripes of white on black. Usually weighs 2 pounds; reaches 7 pounds.

All year Found near rocks, both inshore and off



Iridescent blue shading into silver on the sides. Long body and slightly flat-sided. The mouth has razor sharp teeth. Average weight 1-3 pounds; reaches 20 pounds.

Mid-April through November

Almost everywhere in Long Island Sound, especially Block Island off Montauk and between Little Gull and Fishers Islands


Cigar-shaped body, somewhat compressed. The head is pointed and conical, and the mouth is large. Dark blue color above, dusky on the sides becoming silvery below. There is a number of slanted darkish stripes along the back. Usually weighs 2-10 pounds.

mid June-October

Offshore to inshore bays and harbors and South Shore including Montauk and from Orient Point to western Sound



Heavy body, three dorsal fins, two anal fins and a concave tail. Usually weighs 6-10 pounds.

Mid-November to April

Offshore/inshore wrecks and South Shore including Montauk

Dolphin (Dorado)

Flashes of yellow, metallic green, green-gold and dark blues. Bull nose forehead and broad bodies built for speed and endurance.

July-October Offshore & sometimes
in HOT summers
found inshore

Flounder (winter)

Flat and oval shaped, with a small mouth. Brown to green-brown on back with small orange spots. The belly is white. Usually weighs 1 pound; reaches 5 pounds.

March-June and September-November All bays on all shores;
mud and sandy bottom

Fluke (summer flounder)

A flat fish with a large mouth. Average weight 1-2 pounds; reaches 20 pounds.

April-October Sandy Bottomed areas, rocks, reef, surf,
bay and ocean


Highly prized for their food qualities. Brown shades with wide vertical striping. Weighs approximately 3 pounds.

May-October Bottom feeders found on sandy bottoms in fairly shallow water

Mackerel (Atlantic and Boston)

Spindle shaped body with a deeply forked tail. Blue-green on the back with irregular black bars. The lower side is silver with a whitish belly. Usually weighs 1 pound; reaches 4 pounds.

December-May South Shore, NY Bight, East End & north into MA. Sometimes in LI Sound


Moderately slender-bodied fish with a protruding lower jaw. Distinct curve in lateral line. Dark green to brown on back, yellow-green sides, white belly.

Mid-November to April Open bays and offshore to depths of over 100 feet

Shark (Mako, Blue, Thresher)

Lunate tail with similarly sized lobes. Lateral keel at the base of the tail. Deep blue back and white underside.

Late-April to mid-November South Shore including Montauk; inshore
and offshore

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