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NY Artificial Reefs
These tables of the artificial reefs and the years in which some were established is made possible and all courtesy of the NYS DEC Marine Reef Program piloted by Stevce Heins of the NY DEC. Without Steve's help this program and The Fishing Line Reef site could not have been put into motion. For more on the DEC Reef Programs

New Artificial Reefs Built in 1999

Reef Site




Atlantic Beach 


90,000 cy 
dredged rock 

40o32.0' N
73o42.5-43.5' W

Fishing Line
(the old
McAllister Grounds)


60-foot steel barge

40o32.121' N
73o39.600' W

Fire Island


110-foot steel barge
with 9 concrete pipes

40o35.990' N
73o13.234' W



97-foot steel trawler
F/V St. George II

40o43.476' N
72o46.488' W



80-foot steel barge
No. 335

40o43.521' N
72o46.305' W

Additions in 2000 & 2001 Artificial Reefs

Reef Site




Atlantic Beach

February to December

254,000 cubic yards
of dredged bedrock

Scattered over site

Fishing Line

June Concrete bridge sections

40o32.188 N
73o39.495 W

Fishing Line

July Concrete bridge sections

40o32.195 N
73o39.508 W

Fishing Line


Concrete bridge sections

40o32.199 N
73o39.497 W

Fishing Line


28 foot steel workboats
Two 40 foot steel dredge barges

40o32.101 N
73o39.454 W

Fishing Line November

43 foot bi-metal sailboat, Beyond

40o32.150 N
73o39.333 W

Fishing Line December 01'

5,000 Cubic Yards Red Shale

Hempstead October

Two 40 foot steel dredge barges

40o31.020 N
73o32.510 W

Moriches March

112 foot steel
clam dredge, Cape Fear

40o43.505 N
72o46.386 W

Moriches July

18 to 30 inch concrete pipe (115 pieces), eight foot sections

Scattered over site

Shinnecock February

3,500 cubic yards
concrete bridge sections

Scattered over site


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