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RJ's Surf Fishing 2005 Log
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April 29: NE 10 to 15 knots. I fished in Little Neck Bay this morning from 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. with Steve P. of the Bayside Anglers group. We used sandworms to score 11 bass between us with the largest about 18 maybe 20 inches...most were 15 to 18 inches. Lots of fun with a new fishing buddy. I also posted pics of the new Okuma Epixor surf reel. Then I spent an hour soaking clams in Long Beach from 5 to 6 p.m. with only one legitimate bite which I missed.

May 11: S/SE 10 knots, Incoming tide. water clear, green white and foamy. One ounce bucktails with pork pr plastic. I hit Long Beach this afternoon  (5/11) after a call from a buddy of mine who had a dozen fish on Tuesday (5/10) also in the middle of Long Beach and finally on bucktails. I fished from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and had a keeper of 29 inches and another 15 to 20 fish easy! They ranged from 15 inches to 30 inches and my friend Anthony had 30 to 40 fish including a half dozen keepers including a 12 to 15 pounder! All on white bucktails with white pork or plastic trailers. Tide was incoming and winds were S/SE at 10 knots, Water was clear and green and white and foamy, but not rough and with some weed moving in. The fish were right in front of the jetty. Sometimes left and sometime right but else and easy enough I went with a 9 footer.

May 12: NW 5, small waves no white water and NO foam. I hit Long Beach this morning (5/12) from 6 to 7 a.m. Winds NW at 5 small waves but no white water like I had on yesterday's afternoon tide. No takers and no hits but I did see a ton of gannets feeding on something like it was November about a 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile off the beach. No bumps and no hits. I had heard the action has been strictly an afternoon thing, could be true.

May 13: SW 20 to 25 Gin Clear...I hit Atlantic Beach this afternoon (5/13) from 4:30 to 7 p.m. with Fishing Line Band guitarist Bob Heller for his first ever trip to the suds. We scored big time as we had bluefish after bluefish in the 1 to 4 pound class traveling in schools around he jetty tips and then into the wash. As the wind blew harder, eventually reaching 25 knots, the fishing only got better as they were chasing small individual schools of small bait fish into the wash and as it blew harder, eventually reaching 25 knots easy, the fishing got better. We could see the life and death struggle in the face of each wave as the choppy ocean met the beach and the waves curled top break! Awesome visuals. Fish and nits on every cast with this action and birds all up and down the entire stretch of beach. Water gin clear!

June 2: E at 10 / SE 5-8 Water clean and glassy.: I hit the surf today (6/2) in west Long Beach after watching the boats slay the bass on the bunker schools for two days. Hit the jetty about noon and fished to 2 p.m. Had six bunker and caught five blues to 8 pounds�would have been in her teens was it Sept. of October�very long and lean. Many hits and run off�s in the two hours as well. The boats moved deep�seems as if they are very tight to the beach in the a.m. and then move off as the day progresses. I went back from 7:30 to 9 p.m. with the chunks and found more blues 7 to 10 pounds.

June 3: E/SE 10 to 15 all day, weedy and rain in evening! I hit the surf today (6/3) in west Long Beach to do a few throws and wrap around' to finish a show. I was using clams and it was really more for show than anything and I caught a 32 inch FAT shouldered bass. I also had three other schoolies and hits on every clam bait. This was between 1 and 2 p.m.  Weed was already becoming a very bad nuisance and a problem. I went back this evening at 7 p.m. and the surf was very big and even 7 ounces wasn't holding bottom and the weed was hideous and becoming a problem.

June 13: Winds: SW5 Water clean and clear. I chunked this evening from 7:30 to 11 and had a 23 pound bass and plenty of bluefish from 2 to 10 pounds. Good action from the start right up to about 9:45 then it was very slow till calling it quits at 11 p.m.

June 16: Winds SW 10 going NW 20+: I chunked again in AB starting around 7:30 p.m. and had a 25 inch bass right away then it was all bluefish again till about 9 p.m. Not as good as the 13th but still good action. A few sprinkles fell and around 9:45 a clearing front came through with clouds dispersing and clear skies with a NW wind at 20+ Left at 10:30 as action dropped dead on the change of wind.

June 18: Winds W/SW 10 to 15 Water Clear and Green.: I plugged this morning  from 5:15 to 6:30 a.m. with a few fish rising to the pencils in white. Never hooked one but did raise the same fish a few times working down in AB. Water  was perfect and outgoing and should have been more fish since a GOOD bite was had yesterday on the pencils in the evening before dark.

Sept. 19: Winds NW5/ water brown and weedy...I hit a few sets of stones this morning (9/19) and found more mullet than I have seen in 7 years dating back to 1997. It is incredible the amount of mullet off these jetties and they are being harassed by cocktail blues and small schoolie bass although I did raise a fish or two that were keepers and I saw keeper clear the water chasing mullet at the surface. If the big boys off the beach ever find this bait or if the wind goes SW�which I expect it will each afternoon this week�watch out! Water was brown and some weeds making it a nuisance, but very fishable. If the water was clearer I would have had more fish. I put 5 or six fish in my hand, had other bumps, raised a dozen fish but I would still consider it a pick at best. The fish would not take the same plug twice, I had to switch to bucktail with a YUM bait trailer, a blue A Salt Bomber, then a red/white split tail Cotton Cordell Redfin, then back to the blue bomber�these really were trying my patience.

I hit the stones in East Atlantic Beach from 5:30 into dark this evening (9/19). Action was slow and a pick at best although there were some schools of mullet around�nit like this morning as winds were picking up out of the SW already 15 to 20. It wasn�t until just about dark we found some action with bluefish to 7 pounds and a few schoolie bass we raised and  caught on pencil poppers and Bombers. Water was a great color and back to normal but the weed is horrendous.

Sept. 20: Winds SW20-25. Water: Great color WEEDS. I hit the stones in East Atlantic Beach from 6:15 to 8:30, about half way though I packed up and hit the west end of Atlantic Beach. Weed is terrible everywhere. I did raise quite a few fish, one keeper and caught  a bluefish of 2 pounds. Water was wild and GREAT color but again weeds in this area suck and seem to be an every day occurrence! I hate it. Bombers in black/silver, chicken scratch and blue back were the answer and right in the white water wash on the beach. Great wild looking water! Too weedy for bucktails or shads.

Sept. 21: Winds SW 10, water warm and clean. I hit a few sets of stones this evening (9/21) from 6:15 to 7:45 with Willie Young of the Montauk Surfcasters and found no signs of weed...or bait for that matter. Water was perfect color, lots of foamy white water, breaking waves and while it was just the start of the incoming we should have picked a schoolie or two...but no touches bumps or hits at all.

Sept. 24 Wind: NE15 going 20 to 25. water clean and nice, still warm: I fished this morning (9/24) from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. and what a GREAT sunrise! I went east to the Point Lookout Beach this morning and saw beautiful looking water at low tide and no weed at all till an hour or so into incoming water when it started to reclaim the weed off the beach. I did drill a fish over 20 pounds on a 3 ounce yellow pencil around 6:45. Ran into a nice fellow from the beach named Pat who also raise a fish. Other than this there was no life down there but there was a little bait movement (white bait) on the start of the incoming. Winds were cranking when I left at 8:30.

Sept. 25: Winds: SE-S-SW 15+ or more. Water clean, green & foamy! I started in Atlantic Beach at 6:30 a.m. and found fish almost immediately with some schoolies on Polaris type poppers in the white water around the jetties, but more so in the middle of the beach. This action lasted till 8:30 or so as I had the last of the outgoing tide. Lots of bait in this area this morning. Water was wild and green and plenty of foam�looked like Montauk today. Mike Martino and his brother met me to get in the tail end of this action. Went back to my crib for bagels and breakfast going back to the jetties around 10 a.m.

We worked our way from west Long Beach to Atlantic Beach hitting each jetty along the way and the fish bit through the entire incoming tide! Mike, his brother and I scored several fish on Knucklehead poppers, Polaris� and A-Salt Bombers. They left around 11 a.m. and I continued the trek westward. I had sometimes neatly 10 fish per jetty. Polaris style poppers and knuckleheads scored bass with two keepers while the A salt bomber in black back/chrome body scored nearly every fish today. I finished at the slack high around 2 to 2:15 p.m. and scored 25 bass in my hands, raised many others and had other �bumps� in this 4 hours shift. I went back down around 5:30 p.m. and walked west to Atlantic Beach and produced another five bass to 28 inches and a 4 pound bluefish on metal lipped swimmers till it got dark around 7:30 or so. The "saucer" style jelly fish in AB are hideous and really to start to mess with your mind after a while when trying to swim poppers and metal lips.

Sept. 26: Winds NW5...I hit Atlantic Beach this morning (9/26) around 6:30 a.m. and started to raise fish on my first cast, raising a dozen fish and catching three all on metal lips and was off the beach by 7:15. water was back to the army green color, the jelly fish are hideous and the weed looks like it wants to start coming back in again after no weed yesterday at all. Winds are still SW 15. Went back down at 11:30 and raised two fish on the west side of the jetty, then on my first cast on the east a 20-25 pound bass inhaled my plug after missing it the first time. Ten minutes later I beached her and let her swim away. Scored several other bass and some bluefish on the metal lips and Bombers. Totaled about 15 bass and a few blues. Jellyfish were HIDEOUS and the weed horrible and the weed should be hideous by this evening. Blowing 25 to 30 SW when I left the beach at 2 p.m. Blowing steady 30 by 5 p.m. Not sure what to do in the morning...the beach may be a mess with weed and jellyfish.

Sept. 27: Winds NW 20 to 25 Water BROWN.: I hit the stones of Atlantic Beach Tuesday morning to find just what I expected�NW 20 to 25 and muddy brown water and no signs of life. Made another feeble attempt around 11:30 a.m. and all still the same and did not fish the rest of the day.  

Sept. 28: Winds NW 5 bright Sun Great water: I hit the jetties in Atlantic Beach Wednesday (9/28) morning around 6:30 a.m. to find clean water again but with some serous weed on the west side of most jetties and all my fish came from the east sides. I had no luck till the fish showed themselves around 7 a.m. I used an A Salt Bomber in the mahi color and scored 15 bass between 7:05 and 8:15 with one keeper and a couple close to keeper size as well. Great action with fish about every 5 minutes or so. Once the sun was elevated around 8 a.m. I went to the black/chrome A-Salt to pick another few fish before they moved off but there is a ton of bait in this area all the way to Suicide jetty.  

Winds E/SE 15 to 20: Water great color, not enough foam.: I fished the AB stones Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 to 6:30 and was totally disappointed from what I gad in the morning. I totaled maybe a half dozen fish and all sub legal size on metal lips and A Salt Bombers. Water looked great and can�t figure out what happened to the fish.

Sept. 29: Winds S25+ water GREAT!, a little too wild: Went to Jones Beach this morning (9/29) and hit Field 6 and walked W-A-Y east about half way to Tobay where the action was insane yesterday morning  and late afternoon. I found fish on most every cast this morning in the white water wash with heavy 25 knot S winds. Most fish were small but there were some keeper bass to 15 pounds caught next to me on poppers and tins. I totaled maybe six to eight fish and had countless fish on and lost. Bombers scored the fish for me today. It died at 7:15 and I went to Vernon St. in Atlantic Beach and was there by 8:30. Winds S at 25 + going W/NW 25+ I caught two keepers on metal lips right away and raised other fish and caught a half dozen bass total and was done by 10 a.m. Water was clean and great, wild S winds 25 or better and the weed was starting to filter in but water color and white water was great. Should have stayed here for sunrise.

Sept. 30: Winds NW 15 to 20: Water brown. Slept in this morning (9/30) which means 5:45 a.m. (LOL) and had breakfast and waited for light to confirm what I thought would happen...little wind, but BROWN water in the Long Beach area. Those 35 to 40 west winds on Thursday afternoon and 10 to 20 all night did exactly what usually happens on the south browned the water although the weed is gone. Will wait till later to go fishing on the late afternoon incoming tide.

Oct. 1: Winds S 5; water clean and green: I hit the beach this morning (10/1) to find a beautiful beach, no wind and warm weather so I fished in a bathing suit, sneakers and Korkers. I had 10 bass in my hand and raised many, many others. The schoolies were right up in the wash as mullet continues to come down the beach and jetties here. The gates to Atlantic Beach are now open 24 hours so access is open. I caught my fish on Polaris poppers and large Redfins along with a few on A salt Bombers. Water was clear and warm as I was swimming by 11 a.m. I fished from 6:30 to 8:30.

Oct. 2: No wind, calm flat water. I hit the beach this morning (10/2) to find a beautiful beach, no wind and warm weather...basically the same conditions as yesterday as I again fished in a bathing suit, sneakers and Korkers. The combination of the fish I raised with the fish I caught I had 10 to 15 bass, one was close to keeper size. Again very small poppers fished in the white water wash and behind the first wave was the ticket. Action died off earlier this morning too because of the slack tide and bright sun. I fished from 6:15 to 8:30 and it was over by 7:30.

Oct. 3: No wind, calm flat water New Moon. I hit the beach this morning to find a beautiful beach, no wind and warm weather...basically the same conditions as yesterday as I again fished in a bathing suit, sneakers and Korkers. The combination of the fish I raised with the fish I caught was five...a dreadful morning but great sunrise. Very little signs of life. I fished from 6:15 to 8:30 and it was over by 7:30.

Oct. 4: No wind, swells and 3 footers, more white water glassy. I hit the beach this morning to find a beautiful beach, no wind and warm weather...basically the same conditions as this past weekend as again I fished in a bathing suit, sneakers and Korkers. The combination of the fish I raised with the fish I caught was around 10 as there was bait in the wash and lots of activity. I put three of four in the hand and raised many others and dropped two. Again small poppers and small metal lips fished in the white water wash and behind the first wave was the ticket. Action died off earlier this morning as the bite was exactly 6:15 to 6:45 a.m. and then it stopped abruptly.

Oct. 8: Winds NE 20 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 9: Winds NE 40 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 10: Winds NE 30 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 11: Winds NE 25 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 12: Winds NE 30 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 13: Winds NE 25 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 14: Winds NE 28 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 15: Winds NE 28 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.

Oct. 16: Winds NE 20 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains. After walking several of the beaches in E Atlantic Beach Sunday (10/16) morning at sunrise�it is clearly evident the beaches have drastically changed. Even with the water up at high tide this morning I can see the great slope to the beaches are gone, the beach is carved away and almost entirely flat. All that great sand that was building up to create a great slope down here is gone! The tides this week were right up to the dunes so any weed and debris is left high on the sand. The water looked fishable, not too dirty or muddy, probably because it was more west than north and it is blowing a steady 25 down here for sure this morning.

Oct. 18: I fished Atlantic Beach Tuesday (10/18) morning from 11 to noon and found no signs of life in wild wind and wild water. The water as super clean and clear with just a few specks of weed in the water.

Oct. 19: I fished E. Atlantic Beach Wednesday (10/19) morning and found little to no wind from the NW and clean water with no weed and some sand was now in the water. No signs of life anywhere. No bait, no birds, no schoolie bumps...nothing. These beaches are wiped out and completely flat with the exception of a few troughs along a few of the jetties. It may be time to start fishing these beaches at low tide to reach the great sand bars at the tips of the jetties.

Oct. 22: I fished in E. Atlantic Beach on Saturday morning from 9 to 10 a.m. and scored several bass to 26 inches on pencil poppers in wild NE winds and sloppy clean water. A flock of birds cam by near the top of the tide around noon an I ran back down to the beach and scored another pair of bass about the same size on 3 ounce Kastmasters. It was over in 10 minutes.

Oct. 23: Winds NW 25, Water brown and dirty: I hit the beaches of Atlantic Beach, Long Beach and Point Lookout Sunday morning (10/23) in cloudy and great weather conditions with a chill in the air and NW 15 to 20 blowing, but and found brown water every where, AB socked in with weed and the Point Lookout beaches starting to fill with weed by 10 a.m. and it was still 2-1/2 hours till the top of the tide�that beach should be a disaster of weeds by then. The winds down here at 10:30 were NW at a steady 20, but if it goes SW at 25 like called for�I will be back looking off the jetties in AB this afternoon.

Oct. 24: NE storm coming in. Winds NE 25-30 rain and great pre storm conditions.  I fished Monday (10/24) evening after getting home from filming out east and found the NE winds perfect, the water in Atlantic Beach perfect, no weed, clear water�.excellent and the fish were biting. I fished for an hour or so into darkness and had five schoolies and raised a few others and had a few �bumps� as well. Metal lips and 7-inch black/silver Bombers did the trick. If I had been home earlier I would have had even more fish. I have not look at the beach yet this morning (10/25) but will in a little while to see if it worth fishing today in wild guts of winds.

Oct. 25: Winds NE 40 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.
Oct. 26:
Winds NE 40 with heavy rains. Did not fish because northeast storms winds and rains.

Oct. 27: Winds NW 15-20 Water Dirty brown. No life I fished EAB Thursday late afternoon to find brown water again and flat calm conditions. I lasted about 15 minutes till I gave up.

Oct. 28: I went back again at 7 a.m. to Atlantic Beach on Friday (10/28), my wedding anniversary by the way�only to find the complete opposite conditions. Flat calm, gin clear water and no signs of life any where. I ran into one fellow who had been chunking on the Vernon St. jetty since 4 a.m. and did not even have a touch the entire time. No bass, blouse or even skates. I am going to start looking at Robert Moses where I had am excellent Nov. last year.

Oct. 29: I went back again at 7 a.m. to East Atlantic Beach on Saturday (10/29), find flat calm, gin clear water and no signs of life any where. No bass, blues or even skates. I am going to start looking at Robert Moses where I had am excellent Nov. last year.

Oct. 31: Winds SW 5 to 15...Water Great: I was on my way to Robert Moses when my buddy bob the Muffin Man called to say it was calm and dead with no signs of life. So following Mark Twain's advice that there is no sense walking 5 miles when you can skunked close to home, I turned around and went back to Atlantic Beach. The fish did finally show on Monday (10/31) as there were snappers on the beach in the wash and some peanut bunker. The gill netters have been well on the bluefish and that is basically what showed on the beach. Nothing really happened till winds went SW around 2 p.m. and by 4 p.m. they were kicking it at 15 knots, that is when the action started in Atlantic Beach. Bass 16 to 22 inches and perhaps a 25 incher (not many) were taken on tins and bucktails. The bluefish showed around 4:30 and bit into dark on yellow pencil poppers. Blues were no more than 3 pounds but it was nice to see some life down here again.

Nov. 1: Winds SW 15 going 30: Water clean and green and white. I fished Tuesday (11/1) morning in SW winds of 15 which were perfect, the water was beautiful and the conditions with first light and sunrise great�not even a touch this morning. I thought I would score a few schoolies after the nice afternoon I had yesterday. Threw everything in the bag and then some to no avail I fished from 5:30 to 7 a.m. Went back this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. in 30 knot SW winds. The water perfect�wild, white and with sand now mixing with the green ocean water and the water tempos came up at least 5 to 7 degrees�a good thing! Not even a touch this afternoon as metal lips, swimmers, poppers and bucktails scored nary a look and the weed was staring to move in. Left at 4: 30�it was tough just standing up with out getting killed on the tip of the jetty as incoming was water flooding now only an hour and a half from the top of the tide. A wild ride for sure! Where are the fish?

Nov. 2: Winds NW25: I fished on Wednesday (11/2) afternoon at Robert Moses starting around 2:30 p.m. with Bob Carrick of Bay Shore and Joe McQuillan of Seaford and the bluefish showed in force seemingly out of nowhere. This happened along the stretch from Robert Moses Field 2 over to the cut at the drive on to Democrat Point. Tons of action along here on all afternoon from 2 p.m. into dark. Kastmasters and tins caught most of the fish as poppers and plugs did not do all that well, even though they did catch a few. The blues ranged from 2 to 12 pounds with 80% of them 4 to 6 pounders. A few stray schoolie bass in there was well but as the afternoon wore on it became all bluefish. Tons of action out of casting range too as teen bluefish and some bass �free jumped� like tarpon in the acres of peanut bunker all along here. Fields 3 and 4 were brown and dirty.

Nov. 3: Winds SW 25 to 30. Water Great Looking. I went to RM 2 again this morning around 9:30 a.m. to look around in gale force winds SW at 25 and building. water was great but no way you could cast into this wind. left and hit the beaches of Atlantic Beach around noon and finished at 1:30 with one 14 inch bass to my credit. Water great! Winds were SW 25 to 30.

Nov. 9 Winds NE 10 turning E/SE 15 to 20 then SE 20 to 25 steady Water great! I expect Robert Moses to light up the week of Veteran�s Day every year and each season I do get a few days of success here and today was no different although I thought it would have been much better considering the conditions. NE 10 to 15 at dawn then it turned E/SE 15 to 20 until it was too much by noon at SE 20 to 25 steady. I hit RM field 5 Wednesday (11/9) around 6:30 a.m. and was into big bluefish right away. The fishing was fantastic with pencils, tins and poppers or bucktails scoring hits and fish on every cast as the fish were moving east and fast. Adult bunker were on the beach washed up running for their lives. I only saw or heard of three or four bass caught all morning up to 9 a.m. and all were keepers with largest about 23 pounds. Joe McQuillan had a 15 pounder on a tin that hit on the top of the first wave in the wash. The bite was all bluefish and the smallest I saw was about 5 pounds with choppers to 12 pounds all gut filled with adult bunker. Great cuts and structure down at Field 5!

Action dropped off quickly around 8 to 8:30 and then a few fish were picked but most went to work or home. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Don Musso (the great plug maker) for a while and we had some very pleasant conversation and he had some ferrule cement to fix my tip top as well�Thanks Don! I moseyed down to field 4 and 2 and back to 5 several times, back and forth with not much as happening the rest of the day except for bait fishermen. The far west corner of Field 4 has great deep water tight to the beach and I saw chunkers catching fish so fast they couldn�t even put the rod in the holder. Big blues on chunks at 4 and also down on Demo along the drive on. Those bucktailing or plugging around or on the edges of the chunkers at Field 4 had a very slow pick of fish but they were catching. Around 1:30 I took a drive on to the Demo run with Bob the �Muffin Man� and we had big blues off a dropping cut till around 3 p.m. when that died. We hit fields 2 which was unfishable by 3 p.m. because of the sweep and fields 4 and 5 the same way as winds were SE at 25 steady as the rain started around 4:15 p.m.!

Nov. 10: I went back to Robert Moses on Thursday (11/10) morning arriving late about 7 a.m. to find I did not miss anything. The surf was big, but fishable and all the bait was gone, no signs of life anywhere and only reports of a few select fish caught from Fields 2, 4 or 5. nothing! I was home in Long Beach by 9 a.m. Why can't we get two or three days in a row this fall?

Nov. 16: Winds 30 SW, water: Great! I hit the beach around 4 p.m. after retrieving my jeep from the transmission place ($980 OUCH!) I wanted to fish in the wind all day but had so much to do�any way I got to Atlantic Beach around 4 p.m. and had bass on my first six casts and finished with eight bass to 22 inches on Bombers and bucktails in wild 30 knot winds and clean wild white water�it was awesome! I will be back somewhere in the a.m.

Nov. 17: Strong Winds Dirty Water Could not Fish
Nov. 18: Strong Winds Dirty Water Could not Fish
Nov. 19:
Strong Winds Dirty Water Could not Fish

Nov. 22 Winds NW 30-35. Water HUGE bad color.: I fished the Robert Moses surf Tuesday (11/22) morning in howling NE then NW winds of 25 to 30 knots and the water huge! The water was dark army green going on brown as the water up to the dunes last night. It was only an hour or so into the incoming and it was up over the first hill at Field 5. Ran into Ken Legge at Field 5 who followed me to Field 2 and there the water was too high as well and Ken took the drive to Demo and I went to fish the back bay from the north side working from the Overlook piers west to and past the Robert Moses bridge. No signs of life anywhere except for some shad jumping. I had nothing small enough with me for shad so I called it a day at 8:30 a.m. Also ran into Kevin Mahler from Rockville Centre who also said he had seen nothing here or up front.

Nov. 23 Winds NW 30-35: Could Not Fish
Nov. 24 Winds NW 30-35:
Could Not Fish
Nov. 25. Winds 25 to 30:
Could Not Fish

Nov. 26: Winds SW10/Water Clean & clear.: I fished in Atlantic Beach Saturday (11/26) and caught plenty of fish as the action the surf was alive between Jones and Deb�s Inlets with Long Beach and Atlantic Beach having some terrific action most of the day. There was no bite at all at sunrise with anglers reporting nothing for their efforts between 6:30 to 8:30. However at the change of tide and for the first two hours of the incoming tide from 9 to 11 a.m., it was insane in some areas with keeper bass caught on bucktails and tons of shorts all in the wash and the tips of the jetties. Some anglers who were there for the start of it reported 50 fish for the morning while others worked all day for a dozen to two dozen fish. Still it�s the most life we�ve seen in this area in a month! This played out like this till about noon and the rest of the incoming was a pick with some small flurries of activity on some jetties and none on others. The bite really lulled as we neared the high tide around 3 p.m. I finished with maybe 24 bass to 23 inches by day�s end. 

Nov. 27: Winds S0 then SE/E 10: Water Gin clear & flat.: I fished in Atlantic Beach Sunday (11/27) with Mike Martino anticipating some kind of action after yesterday's melee occurred through this area. The fishing was so bad on Sunday I actually wished I was home watching the Jets! Mike and I each managed 3 fish each between 8 and 9:30 a.m. and I had on my first cast! Either three we caught may not have made up 28 inches! Water was gin clear, calm, green and too flat. No wind really till we got a 10 knot SE/E wind around 2 p.m. Every time it looked like the clouds were coming in and the wind was picking up�it reversed itself and got nice again. We called it a day at 2 p.m. and we did have a ton of laughs since he doesn�t get to go surfcasting as much as he once did!

Dec 10: Winds W/SW20 / Water: Clear, clean and big powerful surf lots of foam: My buddy Anthony called me at 11:15 Saturday (12/10) morning to say the surf in this area lit up as bass from 12 to 25 inches were all though the jetty systems here starting about 10:30 a.m. I was on the jetty behind my house by 11:30 and my bite lasted till 12:30 or so. I had 20 fish and dropped many others as there are pockets of fish so if the bite dies on the jetty you�re working�hit another one a half mile down or so. There are not many birds to tell tale the sign but the fish are at the tips of the jetties. The best bet was the Kastmaster or better yet the smaller Trophy Spoon made by the Acme Tackle Co. This is because the 1-ounce trophy spoon is smaller in size than the 1-ounce Kastmaster therefore the bass loved it because of the small white bait they were chasing.

Dec 11: My buddy Anthony called me at 1:15 Sunday to say the surf in this area lit up as bass from 12 inches to 20 pounds were in the wash in brutally cold and windy conditions. I caught  a few small fish but the big fish bite was over after 20 minutes...all fish were caught on tins and bucktails with the bass filling up on small sand fleas.

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