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RJ's Surf Fishing 2006 Log
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April 26: SW 20 knots, water perfect and choppy towards top of tide. Brisk on the hands and ears. I hit the surf in Atlantic Beach this afternoon (4/26) around 5 p.m. as the tide was nearing the top of the stage. I caught an 18 inch bass on a white Gummy Shad and my buddy had a pair of bass, one of which was a keeper on white bucktails with white pork rind.

May 26: Winds E 15, water clean and green, weed just staring Tide: Outgoing: Hit the jetties in Atlantic Beach for a couple of hour on Friday (5/26) from 10:30 to 12:30. Heard there were some large around on the chunks and bunker schools as well. Tossed pencils, Cowboy Jr.�s, The Peanut, and Danny�s�no signs of life anywhere. Did see one cormorant on one jetty. Water was clean and green, but signs of weed moving in was a nuisance and may get worse on the afternoon incoming tide. Winds east at 10 to 15, heavy fog and a light rain starting.

Sept. 11: NE 10, water GREAT & Foamy.: Well it�s time to the beaches again and that is what I did on Monday evening from 6 to 7 p.m. I caught a few fish on the wooden �Peanuts: with yellow the hot color. These were schoolie bass 24 inches or so. I also raised a 12 pounder on a yellow pencil popper as well. My friend also had a few fish on yellow peanuts and white bucktails. Water is gorgeous!! Clear and green with just enough sand in it to make it awesome and the offshore storm ground swell has these waves breaking all around and out front of the jetties making for white water and foam all over the jetties, the beaches and you could not ask of better water�just more fish.

Sept. 12: N 5 / Water: GREAT!! Tuesday morning I hit the rocks again and raised a few fish on white Polaris poppers and yellow peanuts. The sun seemed too bright at 7:30 and they seemed to shut down�could have been the start of the incoming that did that also. The weed is a pain in the ass with just enough to get on your lure making the bass turn off but not heavy enough to make you go home. If you can get your lure through without weed you have a shot at a fish. I did see some small mullet being chased and a few free jumping schoolie bass, but over all it was a slow morning and I should have been up earlier! I think the top of the top and start of outgoing today will be the ticket and again this evening.

Sept. 13: Winds: NE5, Water White, clean and sandy: Wednesday (9/13) morning I hit the rocks again form 7 to 9 a.m. and raised a ton of fish as the bite was on. I started with pencil poppers and right away I raised a half dozen fish and hooked two schoolies. I then  used a Little Neck popper and raised a few more fish, but they were not committing to the attack. I saw some fish that were breaching like whales and not clearing the water and I could tell by their backs they were all quality fish. I would cast the pencil popper at that spot and whammo!�a 15 pounder! I kept at it and hit fish on every jetty I worked. The weed was again a pain in the ass, but the fish were chomping. I started to raise fish again but they would not finish the attack so I went to the yellow �Peanut� and drilled a 20 pounder. This was the scenario till I left them biting at 9 a.m. when I left the rocks to go work out. If I counted the total fish raised, hooked and dropped and caught it was easily 40 to 50! I finished with eight fish in my hands, three between 12 and 15 pounds and one close to 20 pounds.

Wednesday (9/13) afternoon I went back down at 4 p.m. and fished till 6 p.m. in the first 10 minutes I raised 10 fish and caught three on pencil poppers. Again water was great with terrific color, tons of white water and foam and a while S/SE breeze blowing 10 to 15 and a steady 15 to 20 by 5 p.m. First southerly in a long time! Water was white and fantastic!! You couldn�t ask for better. I caught fish on poppers and �Peanuts� in both golden bunker or yellow and finished with 10 fish caught, three 15 pounders and one over 20 pounds and set the pencil popper hooks on two others that were 20 pounds or better that I pulled the hooks out of! This bite is on! The whole thing came to screeching halt around 5:30 p.m. for some reason. Day's Total: 18 bass caught, six over 15 pounds and one over 20 pounds.

Sept. 14: I fished from 7 to 8:30 and found a few fish, not like the day before, but enough action to keep me happy. Pencils and peanut plugs again and weed was building as the SW/S winds were cranking and the water was again great color, white and foamy but weed was building. I caught quite a few stripers of 22 to 23 inches. No size this morning, but a few bluefish showed up. By 11 a.m. the winds were east at 25 and the weed had to be piling up by then.

Sept. 15: morning I fished from 6:45 to 7:15�I couldn�t even swim a pencil popper the weed was so thick. Went home.

Sept, 16: I fished from 6:30 to 8:30 and found a few fish, two keeper size and raised a few more on pencils and metal lips. Got to see a rarity in morning fishing sessions...a full blown and perfectly proportionate rainbow as the sun crept over the eastern horizon. Beautiful! Water was again great color, white and foamy but weed was a pain in the ass and building. I caught stripers of 22 to 30 inches. Saturday (9/16) evening  I fished from 6:30 to 7:30 and found a few fish, schoolies on metal lips. Bob "Muffin Man" Carrick came to fish with me and he got off the snide with his first few fish in 2 to 3 weeks!

Sept. 27: Water: Gin Clear, flat...I hit the Atlantic Beach my first morning (9/27) back from the Virgin Islands and scored a schoolie on my first cast!! Heehaw! Waters were flat calm and gin clear and no bait seen and only two other tiny fish raised. Too nice for any action but I hear they bit on the last of outgoing and first of incoming the last 72 hours so I will be back this afternoon. On another note I ran into a new surfcaster...only a month into it...named Patrick Gallagher of Garden City, Long Island who is in Masters School at Hofstra. He was walking with his backpack and lures so I invited him to my office and gave him a new double row surf bag and some plugs to get him started! Good kid who deserved a good start to the sport! Hope to se him back down here soon!

I hit the Atlantic Beach again this afternoon from 5 to 6:45 p.m. with a mad dog bite from 5:15 to 6 p.m. with 15 bass, all 20 to 24 inches, caught along with two small cocktail blues and dropped a keeper I had hooked for several minutes and lost. Small metal lips started the action and then the white bucktail and white rind took over with five fish on fine consecutive casts at one point. Tight to the beach and inside the breakers was the place. The last of outgoing and first of incoming was the ticket as the SW winds were finally pushing and the water white and foamy.

Sept. 28: Water Sandy, green, foamy Winds SW/S 15...I hit the Atlantic Beach area Thursday morning from 6:45 to 8 a.m. and was greeted by SW/S winds of 15 knots, great sandy water color and plenty of white foamy water. Used a white metal lip to catch a bass, then a little neck popper for a 5 pound blue. Hit the next jetty and found bass and after bass on gold, small metal lips and some popper action and finished with around a dozen bass and a couple of bluefish and caught a keeper about 8 pounds or so on he white meta lip.

Sept. 30: Winds 0...water: Flat & gin clear....I hit the AB surf this morning (9/30) and found S winds at 16 knots and the fish somewhat cooperative. I put in a  few hours starting in the dark and caught four bass, two schoolies and two keepers on metal lips. The water was gin clear and flat with no white water or wind or wave action and the fish shut down at first light with only one or two fish reported after first light and nothing after sunrise. I hit the AB surf this evening (9/30) again because I had some hard winds from the SW at 20-25 and figured there would be some good action. I fished from 6:45 to 8 p.m. and found not bites or even no raised fish. Surprising!

October 1: Winds S/SE 15 Water Good color some weed: Winds turned SW 20-25 and Action shut down on change to incoming...I hit the AB surf this morning (10/1) and found S/SE winds at 16 knots and the fish very cooperative. I started with a 6 pound bluefish on a yellow metal lip and then proceeded to pound away at bass from 24 inches to 13 pounds on pencil poppers and Polaris poppers. There were plenty of what looked to be mullet on the jetties I was working while some called to say they had peanuts further west. There were plenty of free jumping bass on the jetty tips signifying mullet and most of the action was on the east and SE side of the jetties with a few sporadic fish on the west. The key this morning was to fish from the beach, toss the popper to the SE corner of the jetty and work it back and the fish couldn�t help themselves this morning�they were chewing the paint off the plugs. I had a dozen fish, one 15 pounder which I dropped trying to make my way to the beach and raised countless fish as well. This lasted through the end of the outgoing and some fish were caught on the slack. The wind shifted hard SW at 20 and the shut off like someone flipped a switch and I only had one schoolie on the incoming before heading home for oatmeal.

Hit the beach this afternoon around 3 p.m. or so after getting a call the fish were biting. The surf was HUGE with al the jetties covered even two hours after high tide and the ground swell and push of water to the beach meant a good soaking was in store. The fish were on bucktails and I had fish for two hours on bucktails and then Polaris poppers duped a few fish and I finished with a dozen bass to 15 pounds. Water was clean and clean and a ton of white water as the surf was bordering on dangerous!

Oct. 2: Winds NW 5 going 10...Water: foam everywhere: Picture the perfect surfcasting world where the surf is somewhat calm, nice wave action and the surface a blanket of calm, flat, white foam from jetty to jetty. A slight nip of dryness in the air, but you�re still fishing in a bathing suit, sneakers with Korkers, a T-shirt covered only with a fleece top and light water resistant jacket, sun visor and shades. Fish rise and slap at every cast you make from beach or jetty. Small Atom Jr.�s, popping plugs...the lure doesn�t matter because the fish are feeding, free jumping in just inches of water from the middle of the beach or along the sides of the jetties. Beautiful colors illuminate the sky letting you know the sun will be rising unobstructed by clouds and her warmth just 30 minutes away, all signaling a bright and warm October day�.meanwhile you�re bailing fish of all sizes including keepers. Sure would be nice wouldn�t it?? Well if you were in some areas of Long Beach Monday (10/2) morning you experienced this as I did. Just super fishing as I had 15 fish or more in my hands and including the fish raised, slapping my plug or hitting that I lost the count would be 35 or more and all before 7 :15 a.m. Several keepers were in here as well�a day to remember and oh yea�I only say maybe two other anglers as far as I could see when the sun cam up�and the monarchs are everywhere by the thousands!

Winds: NW/W 15...Water: Dark ugly green...almost brown. Hit the beach this afternoon at 4:30 and found dark, army green colored water and did not like the look of it at all with the NW/W winds. This was not going to be a good afternoon bite and while I fished for nearly two hours without a bite or a touch, a few who stuck it out after 6 p.m. found a few small schoolies on bucktails. Glad I went home at 5:30 and had an early dinner for a change.

Oct. 3: Winds: NW 5, water A lighter Ugly dark green: Hit the beach this morning (10/3) at 6 a.m. and found fish right away in the dark on metal lips and poppers. The bite was ferocious although water was still a dark army green color and while I raised 20 fish or more before 6:45 they didn�t seem to be able to find the bait or take the hook. Landed six fish with one close to keeper size and as I said raised many more. No bites after 7 a.m. and winds turned SW at 10 at 7:30 exactly, weird since the change of tide was much earlier than that. Could be a sunrise wind change, but the bite shot down at 7 a.m. once the sun was up and I would guess at the bottom of the tide�.which has been their pattern for  a week or more, you will find  a few cooperating fish. When I left the SW winds were cleaning the water and it was a milky whitish color on its way to being green and clean as it has been.

Oct. 6: While I never like fishing the top of the tide in Long Beach anymore, even with the big surge and big surf I had to try this morning (10/6) with the change in weather even though I knew the surf would be getting up over the beach.  You can be very surprised down here in Long Beach from time to time.  Friday morning saw big surf but Clean Water!! It was weed free and green and clean and by 8 a.m. the water was way up over the top of the beach. There were a few fish caught on pencil poppers worked very tightly among the jetties in the white water surrounding them. I did not catch anything but did witness a few fish caught and spoke to one angler who had a few schoolies on poppers at 4 a.m. I expect this place to be very good mid day towards the bottom of the tide and the change over to incoming.

I went back for the bottom of the tide and fished from 11 to 1:30 and found no signs of life anywhere except for some very tiny bait on the Jefferson St. jetty in AB. Water is exceptionally clear and clean to the west here in EAB and AB, although one angler told me the east end of Long Beach on Pacific and again in the middle of town at Lafayette were both browning up and very weedy. I spoke with an angler or two who said they had been at it since before first light for very few if any tiny bass....very disappointing for what I thought was going to happen...just goes to prove I should catch up on my sleep during these full moon periods.

Oct. 10 & 11 WEED: I fished on Monday morning and found a ton of weed al over the long Beach area but did catch a few bass and a big bluefish al on poppers. You couldn't' swim anything else the weed was so bad. The same held true for Tuesday and Wednesday (10/11) but I caught no fish or raised nay either with the weed on Wednesday UNFISHABLE!

Oct. 15: Winds W15-20...Water weed!: I hit the beach Sunday (10/15) morning to find weed gone!! Water was crystal clear and you could see the shadow of your plug it was so clear and bright and sunny. I did manage a pair of schoolies on tins between 9:30 and 10:30 then decided to come clean my tackle room before the Giants game then hit the surf hard after the game for the back half of the outgoing.

Oct. 16: I hit the beach Monday (10/16) morning to find flat calm conditions with no wind and clear water, but some weed was making its way back into play. no where near as bad as it was the last 1-1/2 weeks, but it can be a problem on some jetties. I only raised two small schoolies on gold metal lips between 6:30 and 7:30.

I hit the Jones Beach Field 6 area on Monday late afternoon, around 4 p.m. to fish what I thought was the outgoing. I had my tides wrong and found the tide still incoming and didn�t realize high tide was 4:30 to 5 p.m. or so. I was here in warm weather gear, shoes and my plug bag dodging the tides. It is a weird beach this fall because at high tide the water rushes over a false berm and you�ll find a river of running water between this berm and the actual beach. This water can be deep and the sand is soft like quicksand in some areas and tough to fish. Looks like this is going to set up as a dropping water beach to fish. I did see a few bluefish to nearly 10 pounds caught on chunks and quite a few chunkers were there on Monday. Not too many fish and nowhere near the amount of fish that were there this past weekend. I did run into an old friend, Sal�one of old guard of hard core surfcasters from years back who is still very active  and a great surfcaster. It was good to seem him and meet a new fan Joe who was just arriving after fishing in Montauk all day and was not ready to chunk Field 6.

Oct. 17: Tuesday: I hit the beach from 6:30 to 8 a.m. around Vernon St in Atlantic Beach Tuesday (11/17) morning to find hard east winds at 15 to 20 and what else??�.you guessed it�WEED! The dreaded Long Beach weed is back with a vengeance and it is disgusting, annoying, tirelessly frustrating, getting worse by the minute and most of all disheartening! That�s worst part of it all is the disheartening nature it has to the surfcaster�this is one of the worst seasons I can remember with this weed in the Long Beach area. Any way I was relegated to using ONLY poppers because of the weed and they only seemed to want the large white Polaris popper. I raised more fish on the open beach than I did around the jetty itself and while the water was a great color and wild with winds that now turned hard south at 20 knots around 7:30�I was raising fish and sticking the hook, just couldn�t keep them on the hook or get them to the beach. They were striking in both the bar and in the trough in front of the bar till the tide was half way down then you had to get over the bars along the beach. The winds were back to E/SE by 9 a.m. and letting up some to about 12 to 1`6 knots with a few sprinkles now as I write this at 9 a.m.

Tuesday Afternoon: I had to get out of Dodge this afternoon because I can�t take any more of this weed bullshit in Long Beach. With southerly and southeast winds at 25 knots or better�I figured what better to do than hit the open beaches of�GILGO Tuesday afternoon. I arrived around 1 p.m. for the change to incoming and walked through the tunnel at Gilgo �walk on� and found clean, green water with just a smidgen of eel grass and more than fishable. I found nothing in front of the tunnel and decided to walk east casting poppers along the way. After a bit of this and no takers I found a hole on the west side of a point and figured the fish would be on the west side waiting for the wash of food over the point into their hiding place. I started with the bucktails and within minutes I had a 10 pound blue that graciously spit the buckie in the wash after a good long tussle and quite a few hard and fast runs.  He was nice enough not to nick my leader either. A few more casts and a few schoolie bass and then I drilled the bucktail home in a fish that was easily over 20 pounds and maybe closer to 25! Just before this a fellow came on to the beach and saw these fish being caught and joined me in my spot.

After talking found out his name was Glen. Nice guy, a little inexperienced and I tried to help and lent him some white rind. I tried to get him to slow down his retrieve and stick with the bucktail, but he kept cranking like the dickens and changing lures after every few casts, meanwhile I felt bad because I was picking at the fish right next to him. I walked A little to the east and turned a around and he had given up and left so I was back to having the beach to myself. I walked east casting and working bucktails with no hit or takers and the weed got much worse the further east I went and I did walk al the way to the Gilgo drive on entrance. No I walked back to my original hone hole and picked right up where I left off with a 10 pound bluefish and a few schoolie bass. I continued to fish and caught fish for the next hour or so and finished my 2-1/2 hours at Gilgo with three or four bluefish 8 to 11 pounds along with a dozen bass to 20 pounds or better although honestly most of them were 19 to 23 inches. Still a great day with the wind and rain in my face!

Oct. 20: I hit Atlantic Beach Friday (10/20) afternoon around 12:30 for the bottom of the tide and found a few schoolies right away. The water was clear and green and almost too clean, but the clouds and misty rain put the odds in my favor. I got what I wanted with south winds on the change of tide going to 20 knots giving me the white water I wanted�.but�WEED came in with it and while I was on the rocks I could see the beach becoming unfishable while I was standing on it. I left at 2 p.m. with three fish caught and my beach becoming dirty again. At 3 p.m. the winds went W/NW at 35 with some rain then sun and now (3:30 p.m.) winds are NW at 25 to 30 gusting higher than that. Expect the waters in Atlantic Beach and Long Beach to look like coffee by Saturday morning.

Oct. 22: I hit Atlantic Beach Sunday (10/22) morning around 6:30, picked a jetty and on the first cast�snagged a large spearing on my metal lip swimmer�s hook. For this to happen you know there has to be a large amount of bait in the area. As the sun came up I was surrounded by spearing and then a school of adult bunker came to my jetty but I could not hook up with any fish. I did raise one or two on pencils, but could not catch fish to save me and these schools of bait seemed to be unmolested as well. So while I�m casting on this jetty�I saw the good and the bad in two surfcasters who decided to work this jetty.

First the bad�this old timer comes out half way and proceeds to get into lobbing two rods with clams out on the west side of the jetty�totally shutting down any possibility of my continuing to fish that side. Mind you I was here for an hour or more before he shows up. I say something to him about tossing bait while I am plugging the jetty and he says, �I know how you are, you�re the guy on the Fishing Line TV show!� I acknowledge this and he proceeds to light into to me how I don't own the jetty, I�m a big TV star and I don�t own the ocean, blah, blah, blah! What an A-Hole. Meanwhile he is just not getting what I am trying to explain to him�.I have no problem with him fishing there and I could fish on a jetty with five guys�as long as we�re all doing the same thing�plugs or bait�in this case I was there first so he should be plugging. Well after fishing for 30 minutes he did nothing and moved off the jetty to the middle of the beach where he belonged in the first place.

Now the good guy�.while I am working this school of bunker with metal lips on the east side of the same jetty, this fellow comes up and starts to snag bunker out of the school I am working�HOWEVER�he waited till I cast to the other side of the jetty or went back to working the tip of the jetty. He was polite enough and courteous enough to know what I was doing�plugging this compact school of bunker. He did not snag or try to snag while I was working it. I would make a few casts to the school then leave them be and go back to the tip so he could snag a bunker or two. He snagged his half dozen or so and went to the jetty west of me to give the bait to his three sons. While walking up to the beach I said hello and he knew who I was and his name was Paco. A lovely guy, polite and a good fisherman and fly fisherman as well and a member of the LI Flyrodders. We spoke about this knucklehead old timer that gave us both grief and was kind enough to lend me a bunker snagger so I did not have to go home for one. I was able to snag eight bunker to go chunking tonight. Nice guy and a gentlemen. Thanks Paco!

After this I met an Island Park native Steve who was back into the game after eight years of non fishing due to a back injury and two surgeries. We fished together for an hour or so had a few laughs and spoke about the old guys and days gone by. Skip Gerdes of Skippy�s and some of the other legends of the surf fishing game. He also mentioned he got some mushy bunker that should never have been sold in the first place from West End Bait and Tackle and then asked me about the plug fiasco story he read on our site about  West End. I told him and he said I confirmed his suspicions about the owner of that shop and agreed he most likely would not be going back there, but since he is from Island Park would start going perhaps to Team Bass Boy in East Rockaway. Any way I finished the morning with eight bunker and two raised bass and no fish but tow new friends in Paco and Steve. I did not see or hear of any other fish caught except for Dave W of Valley Stream who had a quick flurry at 7:30 or so at the tip of the Silver Point Jetty using pencils on some schoolie bass.

Oct. 23: Did not Fish NW 20 to 25, clean green water and flat.
Oct. 24: Did not Fish NW 20 to 25, clean green water and flat.
Oct. 25: Did not Fish NW 20 to 25, clean green water and flat.
Oct. 26: Did not Fish NW 20 to 25, clean green water and flat.

Oct. 31: I hit the stones of AB Tuesday (10/31) morning and found the water color to be great and weed free, winds were again from the south and some thin clouds were moving in. I had no bumps or any signs of life and the fish and bait just need to know the surf line is again safe to travel. I am expecting much better things this afternoon....Soooo...I went back this afternoon and bedlam had broken loose as it is supposed to be down here in SW at 20 winds and clean riled up water! A great day on the beach from Jones to Deb�s as this area seems to have the cleanest water on the south shore. Birds were present all day just looking and picking at bait and around 1 p.m. some of the clam dunkers scored fish to 34 inches in Atlantic Beach. The winds puffed up about 3 p.m. and by 4 p.m. it was cranking good out of the SW at 20 knots and the tips of the jetty were evil looking and you had to be very careful out there. Big blues to 12 pounds, bass to 15 pounds as mullet (large), peanut bunker and butterfish were all being chased up on the beach and exploding out of the water and most of the action was on the west side of the jetty. One jetty may have all large blues and the next jetty could have small bass and small blues mixed. Each jetty was different and the stretch from Suicide to Silver Point also had butterfish being chased by small bass and blues to 4 pounds. Most of the fish were caught from the tip of the jetty back into the wash. Metal lips, some poppers and bucktails did al the damage. This action seemed to be spread from Long Beach and Lido Beach to the west into Atlantic Beach.

Nov. 1: Hit the same rocks on Wednesday (11/1) morning around 5:45 and found NOTHING! No bait, only raised a small schoolie and my buddy had two tiny fish on bucktails around 6:30 a.m. No wind, no waves, gin clear water again and weed free with no white water. I expect the winds to come again this afternoon as we have a carbon copy of Halloween with mild temps and gentle W/NW winds at 8 knots. The tide change this afternoon should kick the SW into gear.

Nov. 2: I hit the beach in Atlantic Beach Thursday (11/2) morning and found FLAT, CLEAR and weed free gin clear water, no waves, no white water and a north winds about 15 with some drizzle. By 11 a.m. the sun was out and the winds started to pick up some. I did manage maybe a half dozen small schoolies at the Suicide Jetty in AB on an assortment of plugs. Fished the night shift for no fish either as things are very slow in gin clear water.

Nov. 3: I fished Atlantic Beach Friday (11/3) both morning and afternoon/evening and then again in the dark for two hours to find nothing for me. One or two schoolies but the best action  seemed to be in Atlantic Beach and Silver Point from 3 to 4:30 in the afternoon as a mini blitz of schoolie bass, and some very small mixed with blues to 5 pounds as a ton of bait can storming the beach. Bait so small you could barely see it and catching fish in this was very, very finicky and difficult.

Nov. 4-7: I fished Saturday, Sunday and Monday and again Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening and sometimes at night...NOTHING! Waters continue to be flat, gin clear and warmer than they should be for November. Lots of  bait the wash and off the beach some. no activity with very limited reports in the surf all through LB and AB. Not much to report as the fish hit the beach and then move off and there does not seem to be a lot of fish on the schools of bait making it even tough then just dealing with the full moon conditions. I was on the rocks at 5:15 Tuesday morning and did not even raise a fish.

Dec. 3: Winds NW10 to 15 and light...I fished in AB on Sunday (12/3) in NW 10 knot winds and clear but off color water and found some excellent action from the moment I got there at 10:30 or so till I left at 1 p.m. Lots of herring in the water and the wash with some birds on them but most of the time no birds. I had a fish of about 15 pounds, a another keeper or so and lots of schoolies from 22 to 25 inches and big blues 6 to 10 pounds with a few larger and for a while we were catching on every cast for an hour or more. Blitzes all just inside and outside the bars but you did not have to reach there because the fish wre spread all the way to the beach. Most�99% of them on the large blue and silver rebel crawled slowly across the surface to imitate the herring. They did not take the large metal lips and very few if any fish from what I saw from other anglers even rose to a popper of any sort. Not unusual when herring are present. A few were caught on tins and bucktails as well.

Dec. 4: Winds NW 20 to 25 and cold! I fished in AB on Monday (12/4) from 7 to 9 a.m. and only caught two tiny schoolies on the large Rebel. No signs of bait or fish and saw one angler catch a small schoolie on a wood Atom 40. Very cold and NW at 20 knots gusting higher....water clear and clean...hoping to find fish this afternoon on the incoming water?? I hit Robert Moses for the afternoon shift on Monday and found plenty of action�but caught only a few. The water was brown at Field 4 and dirty but there was no shortage of bass breaking on herring and bunker in the wash and as far as you could see. Even when the birds were not there�the fish were and you could see them. For as many fish as was there�we should have caught 100 per man, but high hook from what I could see on Field 4 was about 15 to perhaps 20. Some had many more but they had been there since 7 a.m. I fished from 1 to 4:30 p.m. and finished with perhaps 15 fish including a few HUGE bluefish and a few keepers as the fish were 18 inches on one cast and 18 pounds or better on the next. I caught my fish on blue Bombers as they would not take metal lips to poppers for me. Bucktails caught a few but most of my fish were on large and small Bombers and rebels. I finished with a 20 to 25 pounder a few others keepers and plenty of action�but again not every one caught as well and some did better�.as it was very weird.

Dec. 5 Winds: NW/W/W. COLD! Wind Chill 28! I hit Moses Field 3 on Tuesday (12/5) morning along with everyone else in the free world as I don�t think any one went to work today. Any way what a disappointment for everybody I fished Field 2 for over an hour, then field 3 with some very nice guys like John and George from Xerox and George had a 32 incher�one of the ONLY fish I saw on the beach. We then hit Field 5 as I heard only one fish came off Field 4 the whole morning and I left at 11:30 seeing only a half dozen fish caught al morning for hundreds of anglers. Water was beautiful and clear and wild and there were fish al over the place in a wind that was more west than NW and the fish did not cooperate in that wind. They were there and we put out plugs right in the middle of them to no avail

I hit Long Beach at 3 p.m. after bringing the vacuum in to LB Vacuum for repairs so I said what the hell�let me go look at the water since Long Beach was dead all day since the change of tide this morning. Well I walked into the birds down on Monroe and wound up fishing with a very good angler Joe D the NY Jet fan from LB and we along with others had fish most of the afternoon right into dark. Seemed like Joe and myself had the best of it but others caught a few fish and had fun. I finished with perhaps 30 fish and two close to keeper size and a 32 inch keeper that took a large metal lip. I caught most of my fish on 1 ounce white bucktails and small white pork rind with Joe banging the fish on shads. The fish were mostly 18 to 22 inches but as it got darker they got larger especially after the birds left the bigger fish came out. My first cast with huge white metal lip drilled the keeper then I caught five fish in a row on the metal lip and Joe was keeping pace with a Yozuri swimmer (minnow) plug. I was able to salvage my day after all and meet some new friends.

Dec. 6: Wednesday: A very wild and whacky day in Long Beach and Atlantic Beach indeed on Wednesday (12/6). I wake up at 4 a.m. and there�s no heat in the house (I�ll get to the report)�so back to bed I go. I get up around 6:15 and see action may be about to happen in this area today. I call the plumber because the relay switch is shot at the furnace and we need to get some heat in the house�so home bound I am�Plumber calls at 7:15 he is on the way�.meanwhile birds are everywhere in west Long Beach and Atlantic Beach and I can see them to the left and right of my house and I know there are fish and herring on the beach. Plumber shows and takes care of business and around 8:30 finishes�so I am getting my stuff ready and updating the phone reports�up to the minute! So around 8:45 I think it was, I see a pair of anglers one carrying about a 32 inch bass off the beach behind my house.

I say whoopee baby nice fish! And ask if the bite is breaking up because I see the birds scattering and it would hold true with what happened on Tuesday morning., They pretend to ignore be but as they walk right by my door I congratulate them on the nice fish and ask again if the bite is on or are they breaking up�and with an asshole attitude one says��How can someone living on the beach not be fishing when the birds are on the beach and we�re catching fish? I say excuse me but I�m waiting for the which the fat one replies��Maybe we should start out own radio and TV show and we can be experts or stars� or something to that effect�.What the hell�s the matter with people like this? They act as if they did something super human and God forbid someone has a life other than fishing or something more important to do�meanwhile I would have liked to have told them they couldn�t even count the amount of hours I put on these beaches and they most likely were here only because of the phone and web reports we supply! What jackasses!

Any way�I get down to Vernon St. in Atlantic beach around 9:15 and see a fellow and  LIBBA member, another guy with what could have been perceived as an attitude, but I wasn�t sure as I have seen him before and he is one the �serious� fishermen. I congratulate him on his pair of fish laying on the beach and still flopping. One over 40 inches and other about 36 inches or so�.and he had three others like that just before I got there. He was using a large two hook Storm shad tossed into the wash next to the jetty. I get on the jetty as he leaves and starts to pick some small bass of 22 to 28 inches on metal lips and bucktails. Water is wild and green and winds SW at 20 knots easy and the fish are hungry. I pick a few fish here and move east towards the Sands Jetty. I get there and start with the fish right way and catch perhaps a dozen or so with some just shy of keeper size using large white metal lips and white peanuts or white bucktails and white was the color of the day for the most part. The bite slows and I go one more jetty east.

I start to drill a few fish right away and they are chasing everything I want to throw in the howling wind and things are looking great for a super day. The bite slows and I go back west one jetty where I just came from and there is a friendly fellow on it and he is starting to catch fish I join in and share the jetty with him and helped him with a few tricky situations with his fish in the rocks with his plugs and such and he was really a nice guy to fish with!

The bite turns on and we started to catch fish and raise fish on every cast with keeper size bass and schoolies going wild on anything white�metal lips, bucktails and peanuts! Just SUPER DUPER fishing and tons of action. Meanwhile Vernon is on fire as Dave W. is slamming big bass with a 20 pounder to his credit. From this point�we�ll say noon�I can�t remember I had no watch�.it was non stop action on bass and blues till the bite dies at 3:30 with 30 to 35 knot winds and now brown water at the bottom of the tide. We had giant blues from 6 to 13 pounds crashing herring in gin clear water and you could see the fish chasing your plug or rising from behind a rock to take your plug or offering. I had them on metal lips, bucktails then lost a peanut plug to a huge bluefish that swallowed the plug right up to the snap and he bit me off.  At this point I stitched over to bottle plugs and scored big time along with others�.who were catching giant blues and I saw a few keepers caught�many keeper size bass caught including a 25 pounder and another 20 pounder on blue Super Strike bottle plugs or poppers swam just under the surface.�.this was insane fishing all day from the time I hit the water at 9:15 till I left at 4 p.m. although the bite was done at 3:30.  WOW!!

Dec. 7  Winds SW 10, water off color but very nice and some white water and wave: No matter how you look at it the winds of Wednesday afternoon and evening chased the herring and game fish to deep water and where they wound up no one knows. Long Beach and Atlantic Beach was no where near what it was the last two days. I fished with Norm Glaser of Bellmore today from 9:30 to 12:30 and we did find some pretty decent action. It was Norm's first foray into the surf and he had almost a dozen fish as did I on small bucktails, shad baits or 1 ounce Danny's. There was no wind to speak of, a SW of 10 knots, the water  was off color from yesterday�s wind but looked like it wanted to clear up and the waves were there with some white water but the fish were small when you found them.  As of 1 p.m. it was about the same story as there wasn�t much water on the jetty at this point. I went down to Atlantic Beach for the afternoon shift around 2:30 or so with the Muffin men...Bob Carrick and Tommy from Thomas' English soon as we hit the beach we a gentle south wind of 10 knots and clear water and had fish on every cast using shads, bucktails or 1 ounce Danny swimmers...trouble was there was not a fish over 20 inches. The was the case for 40 minutes or so til the winds turned suddenly to the NW at 20 knots and the bite slowed considerably and when the winds turned again due west at 25 it was over like they flipped the proverbial "switch and we barely had a touch for 45 minutes before we called it a day at 4:30.

Dec. 8 Friday: Winds NW35 to 40 Temps 20 degrees WC 15: I got off the beach at 12:10 on Friday (12/8) after nearly two hours of non stop catching! Yes it was cold and yes it was windy and yes I had to dress right, but I caught all the fish I could want but none were over 20 inches and white bucktails did all the damage. The secret was I wore ski goggles!! They kept my eyes dry and warm and I was able to stay out till the bite died. Big fish showed in afternoon...I was not there.

Dec. 9 Winds W @ 25 to 30, wild green water: I fished in AB on Vernon Saturday morning in wild west winds at 25 knots and better gusts and wild green water. We had a quick short of fish from 7:15 to about 9 a.m. and I did drill a keeper on a blue Gibbs bottle plug. Also had a bunch of schoolies in the 12 to 22 inch class. Same thing in the afternoon on several jetties in AB on bucktails and shads or white metal lips. All tiny schoolie bass and it was a pick then a slow pick as the action got worse as the day wore on. I was done at 3 p.m. in time for the radio show.

Dec. 10: Winds W @ 25 to 30, Water green and wild. Sunday I hit the Vernon St. jetty in AB again for  a dozen schoolies to 22 inches but most were under 20 inchs on bucktails and shads. I chased birds most of the morning all the way to Point Lookout where they never came in and was home by 11 a.m. Hit the AB beach again on the afternoon for a quick perhaps 10 fish and it was terrible pick of tiny bass and was back in time for the fourth quarter of the Giants game.


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