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RJ's Surf Fishing 2007 Log
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September 17: Middle of the dropping tide, 2 to 4 p.m....E/SE then S winds 10, 15 to maybe 20, water gin clear and green: 
Well I popped my cherry for the 2007 season, got rid of the skunk and got my mojo back all in the same trip today. Yes�baby I�m back on the beach! I took a trip down to the jetties in Atlantic Beach on Monday (9/17) for my first fishing trip of the year after shoulder surgery back in April. I am a little sore in the front capsule (shoulder point) and the area inside the elbow (remember spring training baseball elbow?) after this trip, but with some Tylenol and ice I feel much better. I fished with Dave W. of Valley Stream and we hit the rocks around 2 p.m. and fished till 4 p.m. with most of the action between 2:15 and 3:30 p.m. on the middle of the dropping tide. Beaches look great, water was clean and green and no weed. Winds were E/SE at 15 dropping to 10 then going south at 15 to 20 so there was a chill in the air. I caught five schoolie bass, Dave had a pair and he teased them up for me with the pencils, and when they would not commit to his bait I would toss a 1 ounce Danny in and scored his fish! Nothing big, maybe 24 inches the largest but most were 3 to 4 pounds, perfect for me to set my teeth into as I am a little limited in my balance and getting my mountain goat legs back to rock hop the jetties. Thanks to Dave for climbing down in the rocks to save a plug for me as well. We both raised numerous other fish and it was great to have the wind and sun in my face and be catching fish again. Thanks again to all of you for thoughts and nice E mails, cards and letters the last few months�it�s been a long grind back�but I�m back baby!!

September 17: East winds at 15...Water clean and green but weeding up: I hit the jetties again for a quick 45 minutes on Tuesday (9/18) afternoon around 4:15. Very strange beach this have to fish at high tide, the start of the dropping tide or at low tide and not in between. There is not enough water on these flat beaches at the midway point down to the bottom of the tide. The beaches are set up beautifully for the last of the incoming and the start of the outgoing after good. The water is all brown around the jetties for the last 3 hours of the dropping tide and yet rough enough to soak you during this time. Anyway, this afternoon the water was weeding up some, but fishable, no action, no takers and no bait seen anywhere in E winds at 15 knots. Good color, good white water but brown around the jetties. I should have gone at 2 p.m. like yesterday.

Thursday Sept. 20: Winds NW5...water was great, white & foamy, not too rough and clean, green and weed free on the last hour of the ebbing tide into slack low. I hit Atlantic Beach Thursday (9/20) morning from 6 to 7:15 a.m. The bite started right away and most likely I could have caught fish in the dark. I arrived just before false dawn and had small rat bass popping and slapping at 1 ounce white Gibbs Danny�s and holographic Knuckleheads right from the start. I raised two dozen fish and landed a few of the bass, lost a keeper and two blues of 4 and 9 pounds. The bite abruptly stopped right at 7 a.m. with the big bluefish the last fish and strike of the morning.

Tuesday Sept. 25: Water in Long Beach and Atlantic Beach is disgusting, filled with weed on the sides and out front of the jetties and even casting a pencil popper as far as you can fills up with weed. The winds at 4 p.m. on Tuesday were 20 knots from the SW and there are now jellyfish in the water and millions of broken pieces of jellyfish as well. Brutal down here�

Friday Sept. 28: Winds NW 15 to 20 at times and it was dressing fast on the beach. I fished Friday afternoon from 5 to 5:30 p.m. Long Beach and Atlantic Beach were already brown and muddy from hard NW winds that started around noon on Friday. Water was perfect for fishing at 2 p.m. Friday and by 5 p.m. was well on its way to being unfishable color wise. Friday afternoon I caught a pair of schoolies on minnow plugs and ost a keeper that somehow found an Atom Jr. in the rip at the end of the jetty. A few bumps and that was it and I gave up around 5:30.

Saturday Sept. 29: Winds blew 15 to 25 most of Friday night and Saturday morning at sunrise were 10 to 15 knots but the damage was already done with brown water and some weed as well. I went down and looked at the water around 6:30 a.m. and it was a mud  brown with a little bit of weed along the shoreline. No way was I wasting time on his brown mess. I don�t expect much on Saturday and hopefully it will clear up by Sunday morning�but I'm not too hopeful.  Expect winds to pick up as the sun rises this morning.

Monday October 1: Winds east 15 all day: I just spent the better part of Monday (10/1) searching all the beaches from Point Lookout and Nassau Beach to Atlantic Beach and even Silver Point�UNFISHABLE! The weed is disgusting and freaking unbelievable, it is everywhere. You can�t cast a lure far enough off the jetty to escape it and if you were in a boat in 20 foot of water 500 yards off the beach you were probably into weed as well. Water color is GREAT! Water clarity perfect with the right amount of sand�winds were east at 15 all day�the weed is just killer. I hit the back side of Silver Point on the inlet and bay side from 1:45 p.m. to 2:30 and the amount of bait here is incredible. Spearing and peanut bunker tight to the rocks at Silver Point with no visible signs of predators and while it is weedy on the back side as well�it is fishable and annoying but the only place to really fish. Silver Point permits are available now as of today.

Tuesday Oct. 2: Winds east at 15: Same as above

Wednesday Oct. 3: Winds east at 15: Worse than above. Water is brown in color and black with sea weed on the front beaches and now the weed has taken over the back side of Silver Point and the entire Deb's Inlet. Worse we've see in a decade! Disgusting

Oct. 4 through 11: WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday Oct. 12: I went and looked at the beach in AB Friday (10/12) morning�..what a mess. Winds Thursday night went from E to NE to hard SW around 9 p.m. and stayed that way most of the night. When I went down at 7:30 a.m. the winds were now hard westerly at 20 to 25 and the grey/brown/blue color line was already a half mile off the beach. By 9 a.m. winds were hard NW/W/NW at 20 to 25 gusting higher and the flag pole was swinging back and forth. The water is full of weed down here and the jetties were covered an hour and a half before high tide. If the hard NW keeps going expect this stretch from Point Lookout to Atlantic Beach to look like mud by the end of the today.

Monday Oct. 15: I took a few casts and scouted some beaches from Atlantic Beach to Point Lookout between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. today (10/15)Winds at 2 p.m. were still westerly at 15�looking like she wants to go SW (I hope) but not quite yet. Waters are clean and green, no waves although there is a chop on the water. A little weed starting to build in Point Lookout around those jetties, but the open beaches there and all the way to AB are great and weed free. No signs of bait, fish, splashes or anything for the first two hours of the out going. Make sure you are the beach the first day this winds goes SW!!

Tuesday Oct. 16: No wind, flat ocean, clean clear water, No fish, no signs of life and no strikes, hits or bumps...a ghost town after a few bluefish caught last night.

Thursday Oct. 18: I plugged Thursday morning along Atlantic Beach for no fish in two hours and never saw any signs of bait or fish. I chunked Thursday night for the bottom of the tide from 7:30 to 9:30 and only had one small bluefish in 2 hours. Weed starting again.

Friday October 19: I chunked in AB on Friday morning for 3 hours from 7 to 10 a.m. for the last of the outgoing and the start of the incoming., Lots of bluefish run offs and bite off�s landing one blue at the rocks about 6 pounds before he helped me out and chewed the hook off. The start of the incoming saw the bite, but then it quickly shut down by 9 a.m. and weed made it UNFISHABLE AGAIN.

Saturday Oct. 20: Winds west 15, ocean large, jetties still nearly covered at low fishing this morning.

Monday October 22: I fished Monday (10/22) morning from 6 to 7:30 a.m. in Atlantic Beach. Winds were SW/W at 10 top 15 and nice white water4 al around the jetty. It was when the sun came up I could see those �disc� jellyfish all over the beach, but they were not a problem in the water and I saw no weed. The water though was an �army� green color but was starting to clean up nicely. Very fishable and beautiful. Clear skies and I raised five fish catching one FAT schoolie on a popper and after working four jetties in nearly 2 hours that was al I saw. The pathetic October of 2007 continues on the south shore.

I fished AB Monday evening from 5 to about 6:30 and found some nice looking water. Proceeded to find some life as well with three bass raised, once fat schoolie caught and a 1 pound bluefish which is my dinner for Tuesday evening all on white 1 ounce danny and white bombers.

Tuesday October 23. Winds S 15 to 25 (30 in p.m.), water brown and getting weedy: I fished AB Tuesday (10/23) morning from 10 to about 11:30 for the last of the outgoing in while 25 knot southerly winds. Wild water but it was too brown because o the shallowness of the almost low tide�this has been a problem this year when it wasn�t in years past. No water on the jetties at al at low tide. I caught one schoolie on a white popper and raised another fish but called it quits at 11:30 and wanted to go back when there is some water on the jetty, plus weed was becoming a problem and fast. There was a patch of huge bluefish with hovering birds that were almost in casting range a few times and they were right in front of me�they would not come in over the bar with the almost low tide�bummer.

I fished AB Tuesday (10/23) afternoon from 1:45 to about 3 p.m. as there would be more water surrounding the jetties. It was now ferocious conditions in a southerly wind easily hitting 30 knots. Wild, white water everyone, no weed and the water was clearing some. There should have been fish here. No signs of life anywhere. There is just no fish on this beach�they are not here yet. In years past with cooler Octobers I would have had a field day down here in conditions like this.

Wednesday October 24 through Sunday October 28: Hideous with WEED, brown water and 25 knot unfishable week.

Monday October 29: Winds NW 5, water clean/flat:  Specks of weed but water is clean and lots of life with birds and breaking fish from 8:30 to 9 a.m. I died at he end of the tide but I got to it too later. They should be back on the change or certainly this afternoon. The went fishing on the boat. Winds W @ 15: I hit the surf with some chunks in Lido Beach Monday (10/29) night in the same area where I was working for bass to 25 pounds with the live bunker from the boat. I had a pick up or two but not much. The beaches here look like Moses with as slope, a gulley and another rise so you need to fish the lower ends of the tide to reach good water. No fish.

Tuesday Oct. 30: Water Great looking; Winds W 10: I went back here on Tuesday (10/30) morning and had a bass of 25 pounds on a chunk and a few pickups and a 10 pound bluefish between 7 and 9 a.m. It was too bright and the bite over by then. Winds were NW/W at 10.

November 1-November 6: Rain, winds, brown water, two nor'east storms in 7 days absolutely hideous

Wednesday November 7: The winds finally laid down in Long Beach late in the afternoon. As of 6:30 there was no wind anymore. The bluefish did show late, around 4:30 to 5 p.m. and a few were caught including a few from  a kayaker who launched from the open beach in AB. Blues were 5 to 8 pounds, no reports of bass but a few other fish were raised on metal lips so there could bass in here. Reports of a few �large� seen rolling off the tips of the jetties. Perhaps we might actually see some fish in LB/AB of the first time in weeks.

Thursday November 8: Water great clean and clear...flat calm NW 5 all day: Unbelievable! Fish every cast�99% bluefish 3 to 10 pounds during the day then as dusk turned into night it was 99% bass and many of them keeper size�no monsters perhaps 12 to 15 pound fish�but the vast majority were just legal size�peanut bunker you could walk on�in the dark you could see silver lines a hundred yards long on the tide line of dead and washed up escapees of the carnage that took place upon the peanut bunker population Thursday afternoon. This was all through Long Beach, Point Lookout and AB�it lit up everywhere down here� �a day to remember for sure�the night bite stunk after 8 p.m. not much else to say�INCOMING is the ticket

Friday November 9: Winds N5, Water gin clear and flat. In fished from 5:30 a.m. to almost 7:30 for not even a touch. the only signs anything happened on Thursday was the scattered remnants of dead peanut bunker. Pitiful...but I think it might happen again sometime this will take a blitz to catch fish today with no white water, no waves, gin clear water etc etc. Went out three more times and found no life anywhere...was yesterday a dream?

Saturday November 10: Winds NE 20, huge seas, clean water: I fished AB with chunks for 3 hours and not even bump between 8 and 11 a.m. brutal and dismal..hiudeous action. I ran down to Point Lookout where the bite was on. before I got there and I did manage a fish or two between noon and 1:30.

November 11: Winds NW 15 Temp 35 degrees! Ouch: I hit Point Lookout to find WEED and no signs of life anywhere...again the day after action the fish were gone just as it was in AB on Thursday info Friday.

November 12-14: Fished in Long Beach & Atlantic Beach everyday no fish, no bait and no signs of life anywhere.

November 15: Winds NW/W 20: Cold! Thursday (11/15). Winds when we woke up were 25 to 30 out of the south around 10 a.m. it went NW at 5 to 10 and by noon or so it was NW/W at 20 to 25 and the air temp dropped 15 degrees and it felt worse than that with a cold and sometimes freezing rain. The rain stopped around 1 p.m. and the gannets started to hit the area diving on peanuts and most likely some herring. HUGE splashes under them but they never seemed to hit the beach. The water in west Long Beach turned brown but there were signs of life. No fish reported but as the afternoon wore on the fish came close and some folks had fish on very cast down in Atlantic Beach�even though they were 20 to 24 inch bass and 2 to 3 pound bluefish. Around 4 p.m. or so the birds gathered again and the fish, bait and birds were in the wash in the west end of Atlantic Beach with fish on every cast and again most were 20 to 24 inches but there were some keeper size borderline fish in here. The fish stayed on the beach taking poppers in the dark, darters and metal lips till about 5:30 when the bite just stopped. The weed was now becoming a real pain in the ass down here as well, but it bodes well for the next day or two.

November 16: Friday (11/16). Winds when we woke up were 25 to 30 out of the NW/W and stayed this way all day. I hit RM fields 2, 3,4 & 5 to find no signs of life whatsoever and no anglers either and brown water. Something called me there so I took the never know the week of Vet's Day or the week after you...can walk into blitzes of giant fish out of nowhere. So back to LB I went and water in LB and AB was clean with just a touch of weed. I hit the AB jetties around 3 p.m. and had fish constantly till 5 p.m. at dark when I left. I guess 20 to 25 fish this afternoon with a few borderline keepers but most again are 22 to 24 inches. TONS of peanuts down here and the fish seem to turn on and off to the plugs with small white one ounce Danny's THE best producer although I had fish on a half dozen lures. It was like trout fishing where you have to constantly change lures because they seem to get wise to them. Left them biting as the had westerly wind meant less water on the beach than we had at the same time and stage of tide we did yesterday.



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