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RJ's Surf Fishing 2009 Log
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Bass: 85 / Keepers: 13

Sat. Sept. 19: I hit the beach at 6 a.m. and found a CHILLY morning awaiting me. Winds blew had N/NW all night and when I hit the beach they were still NW at 10 to 15 knots. Water is much cleaner, good color, waves too with the N winds so the surfers will be very happy and all over the beaches today. Terns were diving outside of the jetty tips and I did drill a small 1 pound bluefish. No evidence of bait in the wash but the terns told me it was all outside thus their diving and small blues under them. I left at 7 a.m. as I am not into 1 pound blues and could not foresee anything else better happening this morning as it was still 2 hours from high tide. Still a little weed around but not bad at al and the as I said the color was good. Total: 1 snapper blue

Sunday Sept. 20: I hit the AB beach Sunday (9/20) at 6:15 a.m. with two hours or more left of incoming water and found light NW winds at 5 knots and a flat ocean with nice rollers so the surfers will be happy later this morning and plenty of weed on some beaches. If you stayed on the surface it was less than irritating and more than fishable. I fished from 6:15 to 7:30 a.m. and had my first keeper which I released; caught four more shorts and raised quite a few and countless �bumps.� Lots of silver bait in the water, but no mullet although bass were jumping and reacting like it was mullet. All the fish except my keeper were caught on white 1 ounce danny swimmers fished tight and parallel to the jetty as they were all within the �seam� of foam running along the east side of the jetties. My keeper was on a 1 ounce Gibbs Polaris popper I had no touches at all on the west side. I had a fish bump on one jetty, then on my next jetty I caught all my action and fish all on the east side seam of this one jetty. Looking back at last year's log I was killing fish on the mullet run this same day! Total: 5 bass/1 keeper

I hit the AB beach Sunday (9/20) afternoon from 5:45 to 7:15 p.m. same sets of stones but the jelly fish and weed was BRUTAL! A piece of jelly or plenty of weed on every cast no matter what. These �disc� jellies were everywhere and if not careful you would slip and throw out your back on one. The weed was brutal but the winds SW at 15 to maybe 18 knots and water perfect all riled up, foamy and color great! I kept raising fish on every rock pile but no hook sets and the weed was just too much so I left. All the fish again were raised on white 1 ounce danny swimmers fished tight and parallel to the jetty as they were all within the �seam� of foam running along the east side of the jetties.

Monday Sept. 21: I hit AB beach Monday (9/21) morning later than I wanted to as I woke up at 6:15 after watching Mad Men & the Giants last night. Winds were calm at 5 knots or less and water glassy & calm, but enough wave and foam to make it awesome and color great too. Much lighter jelly fish problem and the weed was less too but still a pain in the ass. I caught six (6) bass of which two were keepers of 28 and 32 inches. The 32 incher was big headed, chunky and very round with an empty stomach. The other keeper I gave to a local young man I watched learn to fish the beach locally since he was 13 years old, now in his late 20�s. I pointed out where the fish were to him this morning and he started to catch and raise a few as well. All the fish were caught on white 1 ounce danny swimmers fished tight and parallel to the jetty as they were all within the �seam� of foam running along the east side of the jetties. Total: 6 bass/2 keepers

Saturday Sept. 26: Beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday (9/26) put the kibosh on some to most action, but alas my friend there were fish to be caught if you persevered. NE winds were hard Thursday night into Friday and I did not fish at all. Saturday (9/26) morning the bite started again as it has been all week for the first half of the incoming tide while the outgoing has been dead. I fished AB with keeper size bass and those annoying half to 1 pound glorified snappers. With little to no water on the beaches at sunrise and sunset, the bite has been about 8:30 to 11:30 and on Saturday is shut down at 12:15 p.m. in AB. Lots of hard E/SE winds and some clouds after 8 a.m. Saturday is what I was waiting for and had the bass biting and chewing �good� as they say with fish on the east side of the jetties and bass to 12 pounds caught. Chicken scratch Bombers, white Danny�s and black/silver rebels all caught fish Saturday mid morning and again it shut down around noon. I had four or five shorts, numerous follows and bumps and a keeper bass at 28 inches (released) and saw another 12 pound keeper caught by Joe of Long Beach. Total: 5 bass/1 keeper

Sunday Sept. 27: Pouring rain, hard SW winds 20 to 25. WEED!! I fished AB with on fish caught right away before sunrise then stuck it out another 45 minutes but the weed was hideous! I went home and relaxed. Total: 1 bass

Tuesday Sept. 29: Outgoing tide, Wind: W 25-30...I hit the Atlantic Beach stones around 6 a.m., just a little before false dawn and I could feel the winds were west 20 to 25 easy, and gusting to what felt like more than that at times and the water sounded absolutely wild. The water in this light looked dark green, Army green. A water color I despise most of the time and in low light it�s hard tell if this is because the water is filled with the dreaded weed or just sand. As it got brighter and morning took hold from night, I still did not like the water color. My first two jetties yielded nothing but WEED!! Oh Lord I said to myself and figured this was going to be a waste of time. I tried this jetty one more time and still weed. As it got brighter it looked even worse and I was very tempted to high tail it home for a nice bacon and egg breakfast. I said what the heck�one more jetty and boy did I hit the mother lode.

The water on this jetty was not as weedy and actually bearable�at times, and the water color on the jetty�s east side was much better while the west side was darkening up fast, as the tide was receding hard now a couple of hours past high water. I knew where the fish would be, if they were here, and needed to use the wind to my advantage in order to place the popper just where it needed to be. With super hero accuracy, I cast the 1-ounce Gibbs Polaris just to the right of the jetty tip, using the wind to carry it in mid air back to the east side of the tip and into the wild, white foam in the eddy of the outgoing seam. It landed right where I wanted on the left side of the tip. A few twitches and I had a 32 inch bass that took some wild runs in this torrid water that was getting wilder by the minute. I subdued the 12 pounder and placed it in the rocks to take home for dinner.

Time after time I had to place the popper in just about the same exact place in order to get a rise or catch a fish, not an easy task mind you, as winds were gusting to what felt like 30 knots and at times I did lose my balance for a split second thinking I would get blown off at some point on this trip. These bass were feeding aggressively and flopping on the plug as they would a mullet, sometimes missing the plug and getting airborne in the process. It has always been amazing to me, perhaps the reason I love surf fishing so much, that bass both small and large can pick out a four inch piece of wood from this wild and windy foam of a heaving ocean and zero in on with precise accuracy.

As the tide dropped I had to go out a another treacherous step to the next stone, then another and even another to keep the plug in the same foamed eddy, as fish and eddy dropped as the tide continued to fall. I proceeded to use poppers to catch bass all on the east side of the jetty while fighting the weed and the current. I finished with a dozen bass, five were keeper size (28 inches) and the largest was a broad shouldered, fat 35 incher that weighed 16 pounds. This one, my last of the morning, came on a 6 inch striped Gummy Shad on a 2 ounce head swam just under the surface like a mullet. It hit like a freight train and to my good fortune zipped off 50 yards of 15 pound test line out and away towards the middle of the beach and not to the jetty tip, where I�m sure he would have deservedly won his freedom. Upon seeing the sandy colored stripes before me as the suds laid her on the beach, I removed the single hook and let her swim to fight another day. The west side of the jetty producing not even a hit and the water on both sides was browning as low water was fast approaching. I was off the jetty by 8:30 with the last fish caught at 8 a.m. and breakfast served at 9 a.m. Total: 12 bass/5 keepers

Wednesday Sept. 30: Start of outgoing tide, Wind: NW 8 to 12...I hit the Atlantic Beach stones around 6 a.m., just a little before false dawn and heard them splashing in the wash�just like they do when the mullet are around, but I have yet to see bait and the keepers I�ve had so far have empty stomachs. I caught a total of three 24 inch bass today, the last one at 7:15 a.m. The water was still weedy on some beaches and bearable on others and the water still brown. As soon as the sun came up the wind picked up and as I write this at 9 a.m. the winds are NW 12 to 20 and gusting to 25. I may have to go down very early tomorrow. Total: 3 bass

Thursday October 1: Last of Incoming, Wind: NW 8..I hit the Atlantic Beach stones around 6 a.m., I caught a total of three bass and one of which was a keeper and all fish came on poppers and before light. Water flat calm, a little choppy on the west side of the jetties and color was good and weed minimal. Total: 3 bass/1 keeper

Friday October 2: Incoming, Wind: NW1..I hit the Atlantic Beach stones around 6 a.m., flat, smooth and once the sun came up I knew why I didn�t catch anything�.gin clear water. No weed and NO fish! Need the next southerly to put some weave action and white water on the beach.

Winds: SE 25+ Incoming: Went back down at 3:30 this afternoon in SE winds at 20 to 25 and building. The sea was angry this day my friends, like an old man returning soup at a deli. Water was great color and no weed. I got very wet, worked very hard for a pair of fish and could not believe these fish were not chewing their heads off under these perfect Victory at Sea conditions. I did manage a 13 pound keeper, caught another fish and saw a few free jumpers and got another bump or two. Total: 2 bass/1 keeper

Saturday October 3, Full Moon: Last of Incoming, Wind: S20+: I hit the Atlantic Beach stones around 5:45 a.m., found S winds at 20 or more and plenty of WEED!!! Was going to stick it out till sunrise to find a cleaner beach but the lightening gave me a reason to leave

Monday October 5: Last of Incoming, Wind: W/NW 12-20: I hit the Atlantic Beach stones around 6 a.m., found  plenty of WEED and brown water from the hard west winds all night. I stuck it out till about 7:15 and I found no signs of life anywhere. I never raised a fish on a popper or anything before or after my 29 inch keeper which one of those long and skinny males which I caught at 6:30 a.m. I'll go back this afternoon if the water cleans up.

Tuesday October 6: Middle of Incoming, Wind: NW 5 to 10: I hit the Atlantic Beach stones around 6 a.m., found no weed, flat calm and clean water. Raised one fish and hooked him for 30 seconds in the dark at 6:05�no signs of life after that�was done at 7 a.m. Evening: Middle of Incoming, Wind: SW 15 to 20�Went back in the evening at 5:30 and fish till 7:30. Winds went hard SW around 3 p.m�Hooked a fish raised another or two. Saw an angler catch one small bass on a plug, he also had an 8 pound weakfish on a small blue Rebel just before that�would have been the first hour or so of incoming. Winds were cranking and weed was filling back in and fast but water color was great. No hit and no runs.

Wednesday October 7: Winds NW/W 45

Thursday October 8: Winds were NW 10 to 15. I spent an hour or so in AB and had one short bass and a bump or two. I fished Thursday night and it was flat calm, no wind and water clear and weed free, perfect for tossing metal lips. I spent the last half of the incoming from 9:30 to 11:30 with no fish caught or even seen on this shift.

Friday October 9: Winds SW 15 to 20 going 25 or more in afternoon:  I fished Friday morning from 9 to 10:30 and winds were SW at 15 to 20 and you knew what was its way as winds would be howling later today. The water color is great and I had a small bass or two and a few bumps before quitting at 10:30. I went back for the afternoon outgoing getting on the rocks at nearly 1 p.m. and winds by the change to outgoing at 1 p.m. were cranking at 25 gusting to more than that. The fish were on every jetty I hit with no keepers but I did have eight fish or so, a few or two on every jetty is about how it worked out. It was hard work and I was soaked by the end when I quit at 2:30 as water was filled a ton of the jellyfish so you have a piece on most casts and the weed was building something awful

Monday October 12: Winds NW 0:  I did not fished this morning, but did so in the afternoon. In the afternoon I fished from 2:30 to 4:30 the winds were SW 5..maybe 10 at times but water remained flat and swimming pool clean. No action no white water no foam. On the change of tide around 4 p.m. I found some peanuts in the wash in AB and for a half hour I raised four fish and caught three all on small 1 ounce Danny's.

Tuesday October 13: Winds S/SE/SW 10 knots:  I fished this morning from 6 to almost 8 a.m. water still swimming pool clean but there was a little wave action and some foam but no bait. I only caught one (1) small bass.

Tuesday Afternoon: Winds NW 20 to 25: I fished this afternoon from 3:30 to almost 5:30 p.m. Water still swimming pool clean, waves and chop are building but not creating any white water or foam. No signs of life, but I did manage one small 25 inches on a chicken scratch Bomber.

Wednesday October 14 Winds NW 15 to 20: I tried to fish this morning with water still swimming pool clean and winds NW 15 or so picking up when the sun came up but the gates in AB were locked again. I spoke with the Village of Atlantic Beach moments ago (9 a.m.) and asked it they would be kind enough to leave the gates open for us again this year. They wanted to wait another week or two, but after explaining the situation and I offered the suggestion of closing the gates but NOT locking the locks so they looked locked to kids and troublemakers...they agreed to do so. So starting tonight and tomorrow morning...if the gates looked locked and closed (they are not supposed to be) go up to the gates and check the locks. Upon entering the beach you MUST turn around and close the gate and lock so they looked lock. In another week or so they will be wide open 24 hours and we won't need to do this any more. Don't screw this up, make the effort every time to return the gates the way they were...after 7 a.m. or so when the sun is up no need to.

Afternoon Winds NW15 to 20: I fished this afternoon again from 2:15 to 4 p.m. for the last of the incoming. Same conditions with flat calm and crystal clear water. Twice I had a small bass follow my metal lip and raised one other fish. Other than this no bumps, no hits, no bait and no fish...this is dismal. Wednesday Night Winds SW 10: I fished this evening from 9 to 11:30 p.m. looking to fish the last of the outgoing�the only part of the tide I have no hit this week. Same conditions of calm and crystal clear water but rippled and at least moving for a change.  Still no waves, no white water, no foam�nothing. I caught a half pound bluefish and raised a small fish, whether bass or blue not sure.

Thursday October 15 Winds NE 10 to 15: I fished this morning from 6:15 to 7:45 for the first part of the outgoing. Same conditions of calm and crystal clear water but rippled and at least moving for east to west for change.  Still no waves, no white water, no foam�nothing. I caught a large se robin on a black/silver Bomber. Saw no fish and no signs of life anywhere. Only three anglers spread through AB this morning and I spoke to all three of them. One had nothing and the other had two small bass on yellow over white A Salts around 6 a.m. down way west in AB.

Wednesday October 21 Winds SW 10: I hit the rocks Wednesday (10/21) night at 9 p.m. for the last 2 hours of incoming with 60 degrees temps it was going to be a great night. However even in the dark I can see the beaches in west Long Beach and E. Atlantic Beach are DESTROYED! The last two coastal storms have created long, flat shallow beaches. Nothing looks the same as it did. With 2 hours to go before high tide last night I could see the same depth of water at the tip of the jetty as I did at the base of the jetty. To make matters worse there were two tide lines piled up with WEED and the weed so thick in the water even at night they looked like oil slick waves. When high tide arrived it was going to quadruple the amount of weed in the water which was already unbearable. I lasted about 20 minutes and came home

Friday October 23 Winds E 20-25 with Gale warnings on Sat.: I hit the stones in Atlantic Beach after the gym Friday (10/23) around noon for the start of the outgoing. Winds were already E/SE at 25 gusting to 30 knots. Waters were already turning browner then I ever thought they would have this early in the storm. The weed is freaking brutal down here. While the water was rough the way I like it, weed filled the ocean. The west side of the jetties are looking like an oil slick there is so much weed and the jetty tips and east sides you can�t swim anything more than four turns of the handle. BRUTAL...another washed out and weeded out weekend in Long Beach and all these surrounding areas.

Sunday October 25: I took a look Sunday (10/25) morning around 10:30...BROWN and still some weed around, but the coffee colored water and big waves is another bust for this weekend. Monday morning the water looked much better. Still a little weed around and some off color water, but I think by this afternoon's night tide it should be clean and clear. The beaches took yet another beating this weekend and the beaches are now flat, but we'll have to wait and see if any bait is around.

Monday October 26: I hit the AB stones Monday (10/26) afternoon from 3 to 4:30 p.m. and conditions were perfect. Great water color and very little weed with E/SE at 10 knots or less. I had the first 2 hours of the outgoing tide and perfect waves, white water and foam. No hits and not a sniff of life anywhere. It may take a day or two for the bass or bait to find the stones again. I'll be back for the last few hours of the outgoing in the morning.

Tuesday October 27: Winds E 10 & water perfect. I hit the AB stones Tuesday (10/27) morning at 8 a.m. with east winds of 10 and perfect conditions of clear, clean water with great color, a smattering of weed and a good white water sweep as well from east to west. I started to catch fish right away. High tide was around 3 a.m. so they bit on the last couple of hours of the outgoing and the first couple of the incoming. They shut down completely for me anyway by 10:45 a.m. They only took white bucktails with pork rind and they would not come up for plugs, poppers or metal lips at all no matter what I tried. All of my 17 bass except for two came on the west side of the jetties. Every jetty I worked produced hits and a few bass with one giving up 5 bass. I had bass following the bucktails and all bass were 18 to 23 inches with one at 26 inches or so.

Wednesday  October 28: Winds NE20 water Mud: I hit the AB stones Wednesday (10/28) morning at 6:30 a.m. to find the water stained and a little weedy and the sweep unbelievable. As it got brighter I could see the water was basically turning to mud.  It blew hard last night and rained hard as well. I could barely control a 1 ounce bucktail this morning and with 3-1/2 hours till low tide, the water was only going to get muddier and unfishable by 11 a.m. Back home for breakfast and work and take the day off from fishing.

Thursday October 29: Winds NE 15 in the morning and S at 10 in the afternoon: Water was a mess this morning all brown looking like a regular coffee with milk. The high water mark was around 4 a.m. and at 10 a.m. water was terrible looking. The incoming tide and the wind shift to S at 10 in the afternoon was a big help and conditions were great by 4 p.m. all through this area. There was a still a very large push of water as the water pushed by the E/NE winds this past week have not been able to escape, so when the winds went south Thursday (10/29) afternoon there was a ton of water being pushed to the beach and you could not get on the jetties even 2 hours before high tide. Towards the end of the incoming the fish did show up all through this area but all were small bass of 14 to 22 inches and most were on the west side of the jetties, tight to the rocks and in the pocket of shallow water. They still will not come up for anything and bucktails seem to be the only thins working right now. Len Magiore had five fish al using this same pattern Thursday afternoon. I had seven fish.

Friday October 30: Winds SE at 10. I fished the last couple of hours of outgoing Friday morning (9:30 to 11:30) and scored five bass, largest maybe 20 inchers and al on the white bucktails and white pork rind. Conditions are fantastic and with this afternoon�s southerly coming in and the flooding tide�you would be remiss not to be on a beach somewhere on the South Shore of LI.

Saturday October 31: Winds SW 20-25 & water great SW winds of 20 to 25 and a WILD, surf the bass were again cooperative and a little larger as some reported fish to 24 inches and nice fat football shaped, while some had 16 inch bass. The bite lasted till about 10 a.m. when it shut off and all week they seemed to be biting on the slack and changes of tides but shutting down for the middle 2-1/2 hours of a tide and either tide was there same scenario. White bucktails and chicken scratch Bombers were working and again in the wild water fish were in the pockets and in the wash. I had six bass to 24 inches & fat!! I went back down after the radio show at 5:15 and it was EVIL on the rocks.. I lasted about 15 minutes and said this is crazy and went home for dinner.

Sunday November 1: Winds N 10 & water getting brown and weed moving in. I hit the stones about 7 a.m. or so and had a quick bump on a Bomber but that was it. Water was turning brown right in front for no apparent reason either as conditions were not bad.  Weed was moving in with some beaches worse than others, but just the same not worth the effort. The full moon is tomorrow and weed should be hideous this entire week. Water was still coffee brown at 4:30 p.n. Sunday.

Monday November 9: Winds SW10...I went down for a couple of hours on Monday (11/9) afternoon from 2 to 4 p.m. for the end of the outgoing. I found no fish on plugs but did catch two rats of 18 inches on bucktails right away once I switched over, then nothing for the next 1-1/2 hours. Water clean, clear and weed free. No bait or signs of life on or off the beach. This is turning into another hideous surf season. We need some cold weather to get the fish moving again.

Tuesday Night November 10: Winds NE 10-15...I went down for a couple of hours tonight for the start of the incoming and worked the beach from 8 to 11:30 p.m. I did five jetties in Atlantic Beach and had only one hit and caught a 27 inch bass. Water clean and beautiful and I could see the giant rocks in the water out in front of the jetty tips it was that clear. Fishing down here is hideous this second half of October and the first half of November.

Wednesday November 11: Winds NE 20...I went down for a couple of hours this afternoon for the first few hours of the outgoing. Water remains clear and clean while Lido, PL & eastern Long Beach were dirty and weedy. I fished from 2:30 to 4 p.m. and had one small bump on a bucktail. There has been no sign of bait or life for 2 weeks now in the wash or around the jetties. Water was rough, wild and clean and clear with lots of foam�where the hell are the fish?

Sunday Nov. 29: The fish finally showed up on the beach Sunday (11/30). Nothing this morning in this area, but the bunker showed up thick in Atlantic Beach with nothing on them at all at the bottom of the tide around 11 a.m. The last half of the incoming tide giant blues 8 to 14 pounds stormed the bunker schools on most beaches even though they were spitting out sand eels when you caught them. I used poppers and bucktails to catch them form 3;15 tom 4:30 when they shut down with dark and the slack high water. I was late getting on them but a few guys, and most jetties here had a few anglers each, did catch them chunking much better than casting. I hit the stones in AB again Sunday night at 7 p.m., I should have gone back earlier, with the one bunker I found on the beach before I left at dark. I cut it in four chunks, dropped a nice bass, caught three giant blues that thankfully all bit me off at the jetty and I was home by 9 p.m.

Monday Nov. 30: Winds SW 15 to 20. Hit the stones in AB at 6:30 or so this morning and water is wild, green clean and was weed free at Vernon. I caught one big blues on a metal lip and a small bass in the wash on a bucktail and that was it in 2-1/2 hours of trying. Went down west to Dutchess and the weed was moving in. I hope it is not too bad for the incoming this afternoon. No signs of bait or bird activity anywhere as al the birds I saw were heading west and Fast! I would be checking the Rockaways if I lived down that way. 

I was so looking forward to an afternoon with hard SW winds and an incoming tide. About 1 p.m. a front came through, it blew NW about 15 to 20, air temp dropped from mid-50s to 45 or so and a cold rain began to fall. Water flattened out, turned brown with small pieces of weed around and al the birds that had been flying and working on the outside of the bar for the last 2 hours, that I was waiting for so patiently�just sat down on the beach. No signs of life, bait or even a bump all afternoon from 2 to 4:30.

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