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RJ's Surf Fishing 2010 Log
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Monday May 17: I made my first foray to the surf for 2010 on Monday (5/17). I hit the start of the outgoing here around noon in the west end of Long Beach and hit a couple of jetties. Water was flat calm, glassy and crystal clear and green like the Bahamas, which is never good for bassing here in Long Beach. I saw an bait angler with clams one jetty east and someone way down to the west in AB�that was it. I tossed al sorts of small 5 inch Rebels type baits of a variety of manufacturers along with bucktails and tins. I had one small schoolie follow my tin and that was it for a little over an hour�s worth of fishing. As I said just a preliminary trip to stretch he arms and get the back loosened up.

Tuesday May 25: I fished with Stanley Steen of Bayridge to teach him surf fishing so Tuesday  morning we hit the AB stones. I wanted to get out early but the big push of water and high tides at 5:30 made getting on a rock nearly impossible. We hit the stones about 6:50 am and found GREAT looking water with tons of foam and GREAT color and a light SW of 5 knots and gnats like you can�t believe, it was brutal! We struggled through that and fished small buckies and tins or shads and Stan caught a cocktail and a schoolie. The first two fish he�s ever caught surf fishing in 2 years. Sun was too bright, clear blue sky and water was calming although he foam remained�another week or two and this would have been a hammer job on the bass. No fish even looking at poppers yet or jerk baits. Stan was ecstatic and will be back for sure.

June 16: With the cloud cover I hit the jetties in AB on Wednesday (6/16) afternoon around 1:15. I had only one hit and it was a keeper at 28 inches just before 2 p.m. Fish took a half-ounce bucktail with pork rind on the west side of the jetty. The west side was darker water and deeper water with a few more scattered rocks. Lots of eel grass and patches of grass in the water from 2 days of east wind. I thought the rains would have been here already and better conditions, but the water was gin clear and green, no white water at all and I was in the middle of the tide give or take an hour. Too much eels grass floating that I could not swim any poppers.

September 12: Wind: E 20..Water great! I hit the EAB rocks twice on Sunday (9/12). First time at 10 a.m. for the last of the incoming as waters were high and east winds howling at 20 knots. I lasted an hour and went home. I went back at 2 p.m. after some water had receded and fished the middle of the outgoing tide. Water is great looking; no weed�yet, no strikes and no sign of life any where. They are biting on the incoming which I missed this morning, but those that fished did well. I fished till 3:30, just about then the rain came down and winds went gentle SW/W.

September 19: Winds gentle, hard and strong easterly sweep. water color perfect: I hit the EAB rocks twice on Sunday (9/12). First time at 10 a.m. for the last of the incoming as waters were high and east winds howling at 20 knots. I lasted an hour and went home. I went back at 2 p.m. after some water had receded and fished the middle of the outgoing tide. Water is great looking; no weed�yet, no strikes and no sign of life any where. They are biting on the incoming which I missed this morning, but those that fished did well. I fished till 3:30, just about then the rain came down and winds went gentle SW/W. They had swung back o the east before 6 p.m. again.


September 20 & 21: Both mornings, Monday and again Tuesday (9/21), while the sun was shining bright the offshore storms continues to pile water on to the beach. Water was over the top of the beach making getting on any jetty nearly impossible if not dangerous a hour or so or more around high tide periods as waves through Monday evening were 4 to 8 foot at times. Not much action as the surge would pile water on the beach making sweeps and backwash tough to fish in. Tuesday morning winds finally laid down to less than 10 from the north and water was glassy with waves 2 to 4 footers. Again water over the top of the beach an hour before high tide making water a little dark at high tide periods but 2 hours in to the outgoing they are perfect. The winds are set to go SW this afternoon�make sure you�re on the beach when this happens. The moon is Thursday though it looked full on Monday�I expect this action to take off this afternoon, then lull till Saturday and this weekend should be on fire throughout this area. Tuesday (9/21) afternoon...winds went SW around 11 a.m. on Tuesday...finally, and for good reason. They started off at 10 knots and by 4 p.m. were cranking at 15 and by 4:30 were 20 knots building to 25 knots steady. It was victory at sea on the jetties and fishing was slow until they turned on about 5:15 for an hour or so. I had six bass, two close to keeper size and raised numerous others all in the wash at the base of the jetties on bucktails and small metal lips. You really had to time the cast right so the lure or bucktail would float at the crest of the wave before it broke on the beach at the base of the jetty. There was nothing doing at the tip of the jetties at all before or in the wind. It shut down as fast as it started around 6:15 p.m.


Wednesday Sept. 22: I hit the stones in Atlantic Beach Wednesday (9/22) morning to find the gates locked at 6:45. I will call the Village today and get them opened as I have done for the last 15 years. I gained access to the beach and had no hits in what looked like PERFECT water, a little rougher than I like, but color & clarity perfect. Not a touch even though they should have been feasting on bucktails and darters for what I was seeing. I gave it 40 minutes and came home. Full moon tomorrow (9/23) and I should have known better than to waste my time�but hey you never know.


Sunday Sept 26: I woke up late because of the damn Yankees...Ouch! I went down to the beach at 8 a.m. to see what was happening. I ran into a Montauk regular and a very nice fellow, Brooklyn resident Kevin Mahr (?) who was down in AB in the dark and had six nice fish 10 to 15 pounds on an albino shad then was bit off. Looks like some bluefish are around for the first time in a long while. Kevin also said he had nothing after the sun broke the horizon. Kevin also gave me a great lead on where to get waders for tall people�LL Bean�I would never have though of that. Thanks Kevin I owe you one! We�re two days off the moon now so things should pick up especially with the low pressure system coming in on Sunday afternoon! I saw quite  a few bait fishermen but did not venture down the beach to speak with them�but it�s plugging time any way!

Monday Sept 27: I woke up late because of the damn Yankees�again but with better results from the Yankees and the surf! I hit the beach at 6:45 a.m. and was into fish by 7 a.m. I had schoolies to 26 inches right away in the wash on Little Neck Poppers. Then I switched to chicken scratch A-Salt Bombers and had a 28 keeper. I then used a large white metal lip to drill a38 inch fish that was well over 20 pounds. Nice, fat chunky fall surf fish, light in color..perfect. It hit out front of the tip of the jetty with an explosion then 15 minutes later I was able to drag him on to the beach. I raised another monster on a white pencil but he never came back for it. I caught another schoolie and it was over by 9 a.m. as we were getting hammered on the jetties by surf and sheets of rain. I went back from 10 to 11 a.m. but we hit high tide at 10:40 so the slack sucked and I came home for chili for lunch and will be back on he rocks for the dropping tides this afternoon.

I went back down to AB at 1 p.m....should have gone sooner but the phone kept ringing. I did manage another fish about keeper size, two other schoolies and raised another one or two tiny bass. Bite stopped dead at 2:45...stayed till 3:20 and left.


Tuesday September 28 Winds S 15 gusting to 25 by 11 a.m. I hit the stones in AB again at 6:15 and found fish right away...and tons of weed and brown water. The water got clearer as the tide came in, but the weed was brutal in some spots. I persisted and was rewarded with seven bass, two keeper size and raised many more fish. All they wanted were small white Danny swimmers. Period. I went back at noon and found it was just unfishable anywhere near high tide as winds to 25 knots or more pushed so much water on to the beach waves broke six times before they ever hit the shore. Still weedy but not as bad as it was this morning. Brown water and such rough surf, even the fish went deep cover offshore.


Wednesday Sept. 29: I hit the stones in AB for the afternoon bottom half of the outgoing. Hit the jetty about 3:15 and stayed till 4 p.m...WEED!!!


Saturday Oct. 2: Winds N10 going to 20. Water: dark but getting better. Lots of changes to the beaches after three days of pounding SE surf. Water this morning was a little dark, bit of weed, but should be better later during the incoming. Winds still N at 10 but will pick up as the sun gets higher (usually does with N winds) and you won't be able to get on any of the jetties at high tide. Still the surfers are very happy with conditions this morning. I would expect lots of bait to be seen on the beaches this 2week and with the new moon on Thursday (10/7) and with rain again for Monday.  Remember the best action will be directly west of any inlets as bait moves to the west and then progress your way west a little each day then go back and start over.


Sunday October 3: Winds NE 15, water: Fishable: I hit the stones in AB about 5:40 a.m. Fished in the dark and fished till 8:30. Raised one small fish on a popper and that was it! I was totally shocked there were no fish down here. The water was clean enough, but had a �steely� green color to it. NE winds at 15 and a definite fall chill for the first time too as I had to wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt under my raingear. I did see the flash of a small bass follow my metal lip around 7:30. I saw only three other anglers as far as I could see in either direction. One angler had a 34 inch fish on a metal lip (off the jetty I just left) he released and a small schoolie. No other signs of life, bait or fish down here.


Monday October 4: Winds NE 15-25 Water: brown, big push: Two hours after high tide I still could not see any way to get on the jetties in AB and no way you could in Long Beach. High tide water this morning was way up over the top of the beach, causing very brown water, but as for weed I couldn't not see any in the'd have to fish a beach to find out if weed was present. There was a mile of birds feeding over bass and blues about a mile east of Jones all day on Sunday in 35 to 50 foot of water. Bass 24 to 34 inches with a few 30 ponders in the mix for those with boats. Whether they hit the beach overnight or this morning is anyone's guess. I will be cruising down to Point Lookout and Jones Beach this morning to poke around.


Wednesday October 6: Winds SW15, water brown but will clear during the day: After several unfishable days down in this area with brown water and big surf, Wednesday (10/6) morning saw hard SW winds�finally at 15 to maybe 20. Water was still brown but the big swell and surf has been knocked down and fish should cooperate sometime today after days of not being seen any where. Good metal lip water off the jetties, which you could not get on around high tide (7 a.m. +/-) this morning, but will be able to fish no problem for the dropping tide which you��ll have all morning. Expect waters to clear as the day progresses and by this afternoon�s second half of the incoming water should be perfect.


October 12: Winds W/SW then N 10, Water: Green swimming pool: I hit a few sets of stones in AB Tuesday (10/12) afternoon around 12 for the dropping tide. Winds were at this point W/SW at 12 knots or so and clouds were in thick too. I found the water weed free and very green and clear as a swimming pool. I proceeded to fish three jetties and finally around 1 p.m. had a keeper hit a metal lip, which I lost after a minute because I did not have my drag tight enough. I fished another hour on two more sets of stones without even seeing a fish. I was done a little after 2 p.m. Lots of small bait around the jetties...looks like they�re about 1 or 3 inches long tops.


October 13: Waters down here remain crystal clear, like gin, with no waves, no white water or foam and no signs of life. A fish or two were picked the last few days and we means a S-L-O-W pick of a schoolie or a keeper on clams but not like it should be for this time of year. Last year I had 70 bass and 13 keepers by this point off these beaches, and then it dies the next five weeks. Looks like a very late start to this surf season. Wednesday morning though the sky was alive with birds, but deep, like 40 to 60 foot of water and these birds were spread from Jones to Deb�s and we heard on Tuesday it was bonito and albies al over the place for the boaters. There is a big wind/rain storm coming in for this evening�s rush hour and then heavy over night. If they�re going to bite it will be this afternoon�we hope.

Afternoon: I hot the stones in AB after seeing hours and hours of birds just offshore of us. The winds never swung east, instead SW then S lightly at less than 8 knots and by 6 p.m. flags were barely moving. Lots of birds all along this stretch, but they never seemed to make it to the beach as the dropping tide was near the end with the bar keeping them from crossing. Lots of birds just out of reach to tease us into staying longer than we should have with sand eels in the surf as well. There is a big wind/rain storm coming in for tomorrow evening�s rush hour and then heavy over night. If they�re going to bite it will be then before winds go NW Friday & Saturday 25 to 45 knots �we hope.

October 14: Pitiful! That�s what�s become down here. Flat, gin clear water again Thursday morning after a hopeful night where I went to bed early with SW winds blowing at 15. I woke up to find N at 5 again. With no foamy waves it�s not good for this area and the lack of action continues into Thursday morning. I fished from 5:45 to 7:05 and didn�t any signs of life other than some small fish breaking on the reachable outer bar. Sand eels? Peanuts? Snappers? It was hard to tell but I did run into a nice fellow who was down earlier than me and he caught nothing as well. He did say some of the boats found the sand eels yesterday with snappers on them with no real blues or bass. Meanwhile some boats killed the bass to 34 pounds south of the Rockaway Reef on the sand eels so go figure. As of 8 a.m. I did see some boats working close to shore, some birds as well but who knows. These fish down here are not biting on ANY tide day or night. Weather should turn to crap this afternoon on the change of tide around 2 p.m. so when it goes hard SE today and hard SW tonight and tomorrow I will make sure I take the punishment because by all reasoning the fish have to be there in those conditions. There is fish around offshore and bait in between!

Later that morning...Sorry Folks�did I say pitiful�it was nirvana after 10 a.m. down here today. Even a broken clock is right twice a day and as I predicted the wind shift to SEA/E would kick this fall run into gear. Winds turned east around 10 a.m. I hightailed down to the jetties about 10:30 and right away was into some bass. Each beach between all the jetties from EAB al the way to Silver Point had small pods of bunker on them. They magically appeared with the east wind because they were no where in sight between 6 and 8 a.m. So some pods were harassed and others were left alone. I threw metal lips and bucktails and walked from West Long Beach all the way to Putnum and worked the entire second half of the incoming tide with high around 1:33 p.m.

Every jetty I caught two to three bass, although my first fish was a 10 pound bluefish, a sign of the things to come this afternoon. I proceeded to catch more than a dozen bass and that blue, raising quite a few other bass, schoolies and keepers on the metal lips and bucktails with short strikes and hit & misses. I worked that 2 mile stretch hard and was rewarded for it and the bite seemed to end at about 1 p.m., a half hour before high tide.  The bite started again at with start of the outgoing around 2 p.m, adult bunker showed up and so did big bluefish, but they would not take any plugs, only snagged bunker and these were 10 to 16 pounders. I did catch a few bass at this time on the jetty I was on, but I could the bunker gathering and being destroyed.  I left them since they would not take plugs and worked my way back fishing all the jetties on the way home I hit on the way west. I had a few bass on each jetty, but as I progressed eastward the fishing got worse and worse, but I did establish a new pattern. With bunker and big blues on the jetties, I was able to score a couple of bass on metal lips in the middle of each beach on the way home.

I reached the last two jetties before home with no bites any longer. As I walked into the driveway the cell rang and it was Dave W. from Valley Stream whom I had called in on this action earlier in the day. He was on the jetty west of Putnam and the big blues were finally taking plugs on the second half of the outgoing around 4 p.m. I drove down to the area and proceeded to get on giant blues 12 to 16 pounds on every cast with any popper you threw. Very, very few bass were caught here and the ones that were came on the bucktail. This bite lasted on several beaches till about 6 p.n. when it really slowed down and came to a halt as we left the beach about 6:15�whew!! I'm sure this had to be happening all through Jones Beach, West End 2 and Long Beach...this couldn't be the only area on fire in these great conditions.

Friday October 15: With aching arms and an aching back, I gave it a whirl again today despite the winds. They wer more NW but swiftly heading W and the spray over the rocks had me soaked to the bone. Winds were 30 at least and I had to cast and retrieve leaning at a 45 degree angle in to the wind. Water is perfect...clan, clear and green and all  churned up and awesome. No fish, no bumps. not even a schoolie on a bucktail on the windward side.

Saturday October 16: Same thing as yesterday, tons of wind with NW/W/NW 25 to 35, but water remains clear and clean with just the right amount of sand. high tide is around 3 and at 8 a.m. waters were looking good, but I took the day off. I will be on the water the first southerly we get for sure.

Sunday October 17: Sunday morning found lots of small "white" bait in the wash and being pursued by snappers, which means sooner or later the bass will find them because larger bass love snappers for dinner. All through Long Beach no one really caught any thing Sunday morning as waters are clean, clear, weed free and at sunrise you would have been on the back half of the outgoing tide by then. Small 2 foot chop, no foamy white water, we'll see what happens on the afternoon incoming


Wednesday October 20: I hit the AB rocks Wednesday morning with the full moon looming for Thursday, already knowing it was futile, it sure proved to be. Flat calm, glassy conditions, no waves, no wind and gin water sent me all the signals I needed. I did an hour of the first of the outgoing with no signs of life and not even schoolies.


Monday October 25: I fished my usual rocks in AB from 7 to 8:30 this morning. The beach down here is hideous. No life, no bait, no fish and nothing. We spoke with several anglers personally and NOTHING�a big fat zero Saturday, Sunday and Monday (10/25) morning. Water Monday morning was perfect in color, some eel grass from the light easterly on Sunday but more than fishable, some jellyfish too. Water is pushing hard with high water already reached 1-1/2 hours before high tide with water already over the top of the beach. The jetties of Long Beach forget about, the AB jetties you can get on but get soaked. Lots of water coming from who knows where. Big wind offshore should be here later this morning or this afternoon. Hopefully a good SW at 20 might wake these things up.


Friday October 29: I woke up late Friday (10/29) after a tough night out playing guitar and awoke to find birds everywhere from Jones to Deb�s. I fished for 2 hours in Atlantic Beach and the birds only went deeper, but started to come back around 11:30 but still no where near close enough. Great looking water, waves, foam everything with winds NW15 or more. No signs of life in the wash or the jetties. No bumps no nothing as the lack of action continues to frustrate many anglers down here. I will be back on the beach in the morning though.

Saturday October 30: Water Mud, Winds W/20-25: Woke up late on Saturday and hit the beach about 8:15 and was into a schoolie or two right away in AB. Water very brown, rough and choppy and hard spray from westerly at 20 or more. One ounce white bucktails with a small #50s yellow pork rind did the job. I had two schoolies and bumps on all the jetties on the windy side and nothing on the calm easterly side. I was done by 9:15. I went back at 11:30 and right away had giant blues on the same bucktails and had six of these 8 to 12 pounds on the buckies and two on the metal lip as adult bunker were in the wash. This lasted till about 12:45 when it shut down for the high tide at 1:30. It never really started back up again and I came of the beach a little before 3 pm. with waters clearing but still slightly off color and winds W/SW 25 to 30.


Sunday October 31: I fished for an hour Sunday morning till about 8:30. Water in Atlantic Beach and Long Beach was very low at 8:30 Sunday morning and you could walk in front of some jetties. Water was almost Army green, but very fishable with lots of disc jelly�s in the water from the hard SW Saturday night. Winds were calm at NW10 but were picking up as the sun gets higher in the sky with the forecast calling for W15 -20 this morning and going NW 20-25 gusts to 30. Went back in the afternoon and the water brown mud colored so I passed.

Wednesday November 3: I hit the beach Wednesday (11/3) afternoon at 3:15 as soon as the winds went SE at 5.They eventually hit S at 15 around 4 p.m. and I stayed till 5:15 without so much as a touch on bucktails or anything. I sent a friend to the last jetty in AB and he had nothing in the light, but as soon as it got dark and around 6 p.m. they started to bite in the dark on the change to outgoing. He had three schoolies and a 20 pounder al on white bucktails with red/white pork rind. I hit the beach Wednesday (11/3) night at 9 p.m. and fished till 10:30 for one schoolie on a black Bomber.


Thursday November 4: I hit the beach at 6:30 a.m. in the dark and found nothing I fished till 8 a.m. without so much as a nibble and no signs of life. I then hit the area east of Jones Beach (TB) for almost 30 bass, only 6 shorts all on white bucktails and white rind. They would not come up for anything no matter what I threw so I stayed with the bucktails. Awesome water and fantastic fishing from 11:30 to almost 2 p.m. which was last of the outgoing and first of the incoming.


Friday November 5: I hit Tobay early Friday morning around 8 a.m. after looking at two other beaches and all including Tobay were unfishable. High water, flooded tunnels etc etc. 11 a.m. I went back at 11 a.m. walking two miles casting and walking for no fish. I arrived at my spot which is about a 2 mile walk and had nothing for a while. Water was a little cleaner than it was this morning, but it was nice and rough. Exactly 50 minutes later than yesterday they started to bite. They bit well on bucktails till almost 2 p.m. I had 15 bass, most close to keeper size and some fish to 15 pounds. I dropped another dozen and had many bumps. I was working this point with �Catfish� John as I turned him on to the spot I was at when I had the rudest thing I have seen in quite some time happen. We�re 2 miles from the pavilion when some knucklehead walks down this entire stretch of beach and plants a sand spike and starts chunking, thus cutting off the west side of the point John & I were working as the fish were sliding back and forth across the base of the point. I want to thank J.J. for being such a douche today and shutting down half of our fishing. There wasn�t another point or piece of bottom you could have fished in those 2 miles? HIDEOUS!!


Monday November 8: I hit Tobay for the last of the outgoing to find brown water, not terrible, but it was brown and it was flat with just a ripple despite NW winds of 20 to 30. No signs of the nice rough water we had last week. I did see a lot of tiny bait in the wash bait and some splashing that led me to believe some shad or something was on them. No bass and even a half ounce bucktail could not even get a bump.


Wednesday November 10: I fished Gilgo and west today for 2-1/2 hours with no fish or signs of life at all. When I exited the west tunnel at 11 a.m. there were six casters with a very slow pick going on with no two anglers ever being hooked up at the same time and the fish 10 minutes apart., My buddy Joe and I didn�t; want to crowd them so we walked to even better looking water and fished hard three pointes and Joe had a 9 pound keeper and that�s all we saw for 2-1/2 hours.


Thursday Veteran's Day: I fished National Blvd. in Long Beach from 10:30 to 1:45 for two giant bluefish on snagged bunker. Brutal as one or two fish seemed to get hooked up then it would stop. Not my idea of great fishing ort even the way I like to fish but it was the only game in town.


Friday November 12: I spent the day driving and fishing and none of it catching. I started at 8:30 a.m. looking at the beaches in Atlantic Beach, Long Beach and Point Lookout. Water was huge today with 8 footers and 20 surfers on every beach from Jones to Deb�s Even 3 hours before high tide you could not get on the rocks in Long Beach, you had water rushing over the top of the beach in Atlantic Beach and by 10 a.m. the water was at the grass dunes in Lido and Point Lookout. Out to Gilgo and Tobay at 11:15 and the same thing there�no beach to walk on virtually anywhere. So off to Robert Moses I go since some say they had a great mooring bite and others say it was an S-L-O-W pick and some others said it sucked. Bright sun and I arrived at Moses at 11:30 to see the water rushing up the slope and almost knocking you down on every wave. Waves were not as huge as they were at Tobay or through Long Beach, but formidable just the same. Water on all the beaches mentioned was dark and off colored but certainly better than it could have been given the waves and winds. I hit RM Field 2 at 11:30 and ran into Tony Tom down the far western end of RM Field 2 and down by the drive on to Demo entrance. In the last hour of the incoming we say two to maybe three fish caught. The first 2 hours of the outdoing I saw may five to 7 fish caught within the 30 anglers now lined up. Certainly not enough to keep us there and I would consider it terrible fishing and I left at 2:30 to head back to Gilgo. Water at Gilgo was awesome, but not even a bump on anything I threw for 45 minutes and the highlight of the day was getting my haircut.


Monday November 22: Hit Gilgo at 10:45 a.m....sounds late but I have had better fishing on the last half of the outgoing. With the full moon at 2 a.m. this morning I figured not much walkable beach would be had around high tide somewhere around 8 a.m. Water color was great, just a touch of eel grass, no fish and not much water on the beach...guess I waited too long. I spoke with an angler at Tobay (11:45 a.m.) said he plugged all morning for nothing then bait fished the last two hours prior to me meeting him for nothing and it was weeding up at Tobay at this time.


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