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Richard Johnson
Rich Bass celtic.jpg (31952 bytes): Rich grew up in Rockville Centre, Long Island, and started fishing with his father & grandfather. Having fished over 40 years now in saltwater, freshwater & inshore or offshore action, Rich is the creator, host & producer of "The Fishing Line" radio shows heard Saturdays at 4 p.m. & Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. on WGBB 1240AM radio, which debuted in May of 1995. Rich also hosts "The Fishing Line" television show" now on the MagRack in 30 million homes across the country on cable and on satellite. Rich was professionally licensed by the State of New York State to guide in both freshwater & surf fishing applications and was a member in good standing of the NY State Outdoor Guides Assoc. (NYSOGA). Rich puts on several personal seminars each season drawing over 500 anglers to each one. Rich is a nationally published outdoor writer and was a member in good standing of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) from 1994-2006 and the NY State Outdoor Writers Assoc. (NYSOWA) during the same time frame. Rich is used on local and regional television as the Fishing Authority for the likes of WABC TV, Channel 7/WABC's meteorologist, Bill Evans and WLNY TV-55 along with local news channels such as Cablevision's New 12.

Rich founded the not-for-profit organization, "Let’s Go Fishing" club in 1990 and has donated countless hours to promoting the sport of fishing to both young & old alike. Rich is in his 16th year teaching fishing courses for Adult Continuing Education (spring & fall) in the Long Beach School District this year. He is a certified leader of Cornell University’s, Sportfishing & Aquatic Resource Education Program (SAREP), teaching children & young adults the sport of fishing, the ethics involved & how to become model citizens through fishing.

Rich produces the lecture and seminar series at the NY National Boat Show in Manhattan, did the the National Fishing & Outdoor Exposition at the Nassau Coliseum each year as well as for local & regional boat shows, fishing clubs & organizations. He sat on the board of the Long Beach Council of Physical Fitness & Sports as director of all fishing related projects and the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation’s Freshwater Fisheries Council.




Radio & Television

'         Creator, CEO & television host/producer of 'The Fishing Line' television show, Saturday mornings, 8 a.m. In our 22nd season.

'         Creator, CEO & host of 'The Fishing Line' productions including a radio show, Saturday afternoons on WGBB 1240 AM, 4 to 6 p.m. In our 16th season.

'         Creator, producer & show host of  'The Fishing Line' radio show, Thursday nights on WGBB 1240 AM, at 6:30 p.m. in our 10th season

'         Appeared as 'Fishing Correspondent' for News 12 on a variety of fishing subjects & conservation for a decade.

'         Five year host and producer of Cablevision's 'Extra Help, Active Life & Metro Gone Fishing' TV shows 1995-1999

'         Extensive live appearances with WABC Channel 7 meteorologist Bill Evans (18 million homes)


Writing & Publishing

'         Member in good standing of the New York State Outdoor Writers Assoc. 1994-2006

'         Member good standing Outdoors Writer Assoc. of America (OWAA) 1996-2006

'         Creator, writer and publisher & two time LI Press Club award winning web site

'         Nationally published in Bass Pro Shop's 'Outdoor World' magazine

'         Nationally published in 'Warm Water Fly Fishing' magazine

'         Nationally published in the Black Bass Journal.

'         Outdoor Editor for The Light Press' 25,000 circulation Jan. 03-April 04'

'         Outdoor Editor 98' to 03' for South Bay Newspaper 110,000 circulation

'         Outdoor editor for the Long Beach Herald, seven editions (50,000 circulation) 94'-96'

'         Outdoor Editor 99-01' of South Shore Tribune, nine editions, 120,000

'         Assoc. Editor of The Fisherman magazine April May 93' to April 95'

'         Feature story writer for The Fisherman magazine of 5/93 to 7/95 & 97'

'         Contributing field editor & West End reporter for The Fisherman magazine, Long Island edition from 5/93 to 7/95.

'         Contributing editor & writer 'King of the Hill' fly fishing magazine on the Internet.


Public Appearances & Seminars

Seminar series producer for The NY National Boat Show 1997- present

Seminar series producer for The NY National Boat Show 2010

Seminar series producer for The Long Island Fishing & Hunting Expo (10 years)

Lecturer and seminar speaker for many Outdoor Expos & Fishing Conventions

Featured speaker at the Suffern Outdoor Expo & Somerset, NJ Saltwater Expo


Community Service

  • The Fishing Line, through the personal funding of Rich Johnson, not the publics or the advertisers, started an artificial Reef in 1998. It has become one of the largest artificial reefs on Long Island today  

  • Sponsor to all NYS DEC Fishing Festivals & Events on Long Island  

  • Have given sponsorships and countless hours of volunteer work to New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation's Urban Angling Program.

  • A leader in my community's Sport Fishing and Aquatic Resource Education Program (SAREP) 1993-2000 for youngsters. This is a Cornell University funded program.

  • Current Member of Suffolk County Commercial and Recreational Fishing Task Force

  • n 18th season as Adult Education teacher on Surf Fishing, Fly Fishing, Inshore and Offshore Fishing, Bottom Fishing and Tackle Care and Maintenance for Long Beach & West Islip School District.

  •  Volunteer work/TV appearance for the American Cancer Society


  • Board & Association Memberships

  • '         Board member of Suffolk County Exec.'s Steve Levy's Suffolk County Recreational and Commercial  Fishing task Force

  • '         On the board of the NY Department of Environmental Conservation's Freshwater Fisheries Advisory Council.

  • '         Founder and president of the not-for-profit organization, 'Let's Go Fishing.' An educational organization to promote and encourage the sport of fishing and conservation.

  • '         Member of the NY State Outdoor Guides Assoc. 99'-03'

  • '         Board of Director to the Long Beach Council of Physical Fitness, Health and Sports, director of all fishing related projects and seminars.



NY Assemblyman Joseph Saladino             NY Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg

12th Assembly District                                    20 West Park Ave.

Massapequa, NY                                             Long Beach, NY  11561

516-844-0635                                                  516-431-0500


NY State Senator Dean Skelos

55 Front St.

Rockville Centre, NY




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