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Well as you may have heard after 24-1/2 years on WGBB 1240AM radio, the Fishing Line Radio Program has parted ways with what has become an absolute terrible radio station. We will now start live streaming and broadcasting our weekly show on our Face book page at and we'll keep doing it at 4 p.m. on Saturdays as we always have. Hope you'll join us for it this Saturday!! We'll be able to take your messages, texts and e mails for shout outs since we have no time restrictions any more.

Rockaway Inlet & NY Bight
Heavy rain and gale force winds are bringing an ignominious end to the striped bass and blackfish seasons. Not that diehards, particularly those on the west end of Long Island haven’t tried. Scattered striped bass are still feeding on sand eels and now, with herring running, a piscatorial buffet should keep the bass from straying. In fact, a few anglers are either chunking or live lining herring to catch schoolies and, occasionally, a “just keeper” of 29 or 30 inches.  Landlubbers are finding herring off the 69th Street, Coney Island and Canarsie Piers as well as Long Beach’s Magnolia Pier. Except for a few—and I do mean few—surfcasters playing catch and release bass fishing in the suds and a party boat or two heading for offshore wrecks in quest of sea bass, blackfish or cod, the remainder of the south shore is quiet with nearly all boats shrink-wrapped with their owners nestled in their beds.

An abiding hope that next season will be better, that fluke regulations will be somewhat relaxed, that scallop die-offs will become non-existent, and that, collectively, we will be better stewards of our environment sustains us. We would like to thank the bait and tackle “first responders” who weekly provide the news, stories, and updates that allow this report to exist. So thank you Frank, Vinnie and Ralph at Bernie’s; Mark, Mike, Jimmy, Rob and Ellyssa in Bay Park, Richie and Patty at Woodcleft in Freeport, Bill at Comb’s in Amityville, Jose at Saltwater near Captree, Matt and Pablo at J&J in Patchogue, Steve and Scott at East End in Shinnecock and Mike at Star Island in Montauk. Your grace under fire with customers besieging you for advice, tackle while informing me cannot be underestimated.

And, finally, you dear reader, for appreciating our efforts at The Fishing Line to provide timely, truthful information that will assist you in your fishing pursuits. We wish you a happy holiday season filled with good health, mirth and maybe a new lure in your Christmas stocking. Best regards to all in the second decade of the 21st Century. In a final note, thank you Rich Johnson for entrusting me to become a member of The Fishing Line Family. The old saying that “you never have to work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do” has become reality through these reports. It has been an absolute joy.


Jones & Deb's Inlets

Fire Island Inlet / Great South Bay / Moriches

Shinnecock Inlet Through Montauk


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