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2017 Fluke Reg's: Fluke regulations for 2017 are May 17 thru September 21 season are stricter than last year with a new three (3) fish limit & a minimum length 19 inches. Wouldn’t a fishing slot of say, 16 to 19 inches make more sense to allow bigger fluke to breed and produce offspring for future years, reduce fish mortality and produce more fun for anglers? What joke the ASMFC and DEC are. 

North Shore Western Sound
Meanwhile in Orchard Beach Lagoon we have the last few days of flounder season and they have been cooperative. A few porgies are wandered in here so shore anglers are finding a mixed bag of small bass, flounder and now a few select porgies. Bass fishing is better now despite the wind, rain and super moon on Thursday. There is bunker in and around the Whitestone Bridge and bass to 23 pounds and big blues in this area. Use larger Danny swimmers around dawn and dusk or fresh bunker. Also bass where the Hudson meets the East River, anglers are nighttime fishing with fresh bunker and doing quite a few bass to 35 inches. Bass also in Turtle Cove on the chartreuse swim shads. Bloods in the Hudson is still producing stripers too.  

North Shore Middle Sound
Terminal Tackle (631-269-6005): John Richey says lost of small blues 1 to 2 pounds on light tackle are everywhere from the power plant to Mackamah and feeding on the sand eels and millions of them. Porgies at Sunkern Meadow at the jetty and to the west in Callahans, or over at Short Beach, Mackamah and at high tide with sunrise or sunset. Make sure you ask for your Terminal Tackle catalogue, it's free! On the web at  

South Shore
Rockaway Inlet
There continues to be some excellent fluking at Ft. Tilden and the cabanas with lots and lots of action on half ounce bucktails tipped with spearing or Gulp. A keeper here or there as Tony from Breezy had fluke all morning on Saturday (6/24) with one keeper working Tilden from 6 to 11 am.
Otherwise we hear schoolie bass up front at Breezy Point and some bass in the back around the Cross Bay area, maybe starting to work their way out as J-bay waters are on the rise temperature wise.  Some blues at 222 St. and now some fluke and kingfish out front. If you have anything to report text it to 516-435-8382.


Point Lookout & Jones Beach
With the super new moon on the 23rd, we did not expect many reports. Most of the week the water has been brownish and full of weed and in some areas weeded out. If you can find some cleaner water you can find some fish as it seems to have picked up little. Anglers can score a handful of bass to about a dozen in a morning trip if you hit the suds early. Dave W had a fairly good week with some nice bass when he can find a weed free beach here or there in AB. Even the back side waters at the inlets are brown and full of weed. Saturday (6/24) the water was very high on the beach, jetties covered and rough! Dave had a pair of  teen size blues and that was it before he gad to escape the rocks.
Bobby "PoBO" O'Brien hit the AB boardwalk and saw the water way up over the top of the beach and coffee colored as well. If you have anything to report text it to 516-435-8382.


Fire Island Inlet
Nothing really changed as bluefish has slowed, some the docks and bulkheads have some blowfish, kingfish and small blues. Bluefish in the 3 to 5 pound range are giving surfcasters action off Democrat Point and the Sore Thumb, blowfish and the first kingfish of the season are swallowing clam strips off local piers and bulkheads. Chunks at night or early morning find a few schoolie bass, some sharks and rays and a scattered bluefish to 7 pounds. If you have anything to report text it to 516-435-8382.



Moriches & Shinnecock
Surfcasters bucktailing off the ocean beaches both east and west of Moriches Inlet found stripers to 15 pounds receptive to their wrist action. A mix of striped bass and bluefish are sharing Shinnecock Inlet and the Ponquogue Bridge on bunker chunks with bass to 20 pounds. Shinnecock Canal certainly provides action as small fluke, blowfish and cocktail blues compete for clam, spearing, squid or anything shiny you care to use. Once the weather becomes consistent and water temperatures rise, fishing should explode. If you have anything to report text it to 516-435-8382.


Montauk Point / East End Beaches
Not mush going on so far with some bass on the south side, some at Ditch Plains and in very rough condition on Saturday (6/24).  

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