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"The Fishing Line"

Welcome to "The Fishing Line" magazine on the Internet. I've devised this site so you may peruse through articles I've written in the past, and some you may even get a "sneak preview" on before they appear in other magazines. These articles I hope, will prove useful to you with the ultimate goal in mind...teaching & helping you catch more & bigger fish.

As you can see from the LINKS on the left, I have "chapters" on Fishing or Boating, there should be something for everyone in "The Fishing Line" magazine. In the Fishing Section look for newly posted articles on "The Fishing Line's" new Artificial Reef Site, Reviving Your Catch, Rigging Inshore Baits and others in the fishing section as well.

In the Boating section, check out the newly posted pieces Ethanol & Marine Fuels, Towing A Marine Vessel, Solutions to Your Diesel Problems, Fueling Tips along with other Boating articles.

If you would like to submit articles for payment, you may contact me at the address on the home page.

Tight Lines,
Rich Johnson


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