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"The Fishing Line" Radio Show

With now 24 years under our belts on the airwaves of the northeast’s NY/NJ/CT Rich Johnson On AirTri-state region, “The Fishing Line” has earned the "Official Fishing Voice," title for the recreational fishing & boating community. The show airs 52 weeks per year Saturday afternoons, during prime drive time of 4 to 5 p.m.  The show is heard from southern New Jersey along the stretch of NJ shoreline into the NY Metro, Long Island area and through to western and mid Connecticut on WGBB 1240AM radio and beyond as we live stream our signal through Streaming Audio as we have for the the last 22 years through our LI Press Club Award winning website at You can follow this link to hear the show live on the air at the times above.

You may also listen to our 24 hour Webcast of the "meat and potatoes" portion of our weekly Saturday show without commercials or other fluff. Just the entire interview(s) from the prior Saturday's show or any previously recorded show through our Archived Interviews for any years pasts starting with 2006 and working backwards. "The Fishing Line" covers salt & freshwater fishing with a firmly established and continually growing listening audience of all ages and experience. The shows’ format schedules the area’s most knowledgeable & well-known fishermen, captains, fishing experts, fishery management experts and politicians, combined with "live" on air interviews of these guests and listener’s phone calls as they speak directly to these experts.

”The Fishing Line” let’s you experience northeast regional action as no one else can or has ever done…with exciting live interviews and your phone calls! These special “niche” techniques as we like to call them, are detailed and explained through these interviews with our experts.

FISHING REPORTS: The fishing reports you hear on "The Fishing Line" are the only, true up to the minute reports you can find in the entire fishing industry. If you follow the reports on paper, you follow fish and never quite catch up. Good anglers know fish are always on the move. I compile these reports all day Saturday, right up to air time. I call nearly, every tackle shop on Long Island and the surrounding areas and get party and charter boat reports right from the captains on the VHF radio! Then my staff work the phones, updating these reports throughout the radio show until finally, when I give one of six (6) report segments, they are truly "up to the minute. " I'll give you fishing reports for the entire Long Island region from Montauk to the NY Bight and all of Long Island Sound from boat, beach and the lakes or streams of your area.

I hope you'll be a regular listener and one of these callers!

Thanks and I'll see you on the water!
Rich Johnson 

  • Host: Rich Johnson
  • Channel: WGBB 1240 AM radio
  • Penetration: Over 8 million homes
  • Live audio streaming: Through
  • History: 24 Years
  • How Often: 52 Weeks & LIVE on the Internet.
  • Programming: The Region’s only fishing radio show
  • When: Saturday @ 4 p.m. 
  • Where: Long Island / NY Metro area / New Jersey & Connecticut
  • Covers: Salt & freshwater fishing in all aspects, forms & techniques.
  • Features: On air interviews of local & national fishing professionals, captains, fishery management experts and politicians, promoting the sport of fishing and our natural resources. Combined with live phone calls from listeners.
  • Call: 516-623-1240

How about Trolling Large Plugs for stripers and bass? Look back over the last half decade at the shows, topics and guests we've had. Whether we use Live Herring for Winter Stripers, or Drifting Live Snappers for Doormat Fluke, Plugging Bass and Blues in the skinny water of the back bays in the early morning of a summer heat wave or hitting the Surf for Striped Bass or Kingfish from time to time...“The Fishing Line” has covered it and will continue covering it all…giving northeast regional anglers exciting fishing action and information.

From worming or bucktailing weakfish on light tackle to Leaping Thresher Shark and on to Catching the Thresher or other Offshore gamefish, it’s “The Fishing Line" radio show that gives you the detailed info on how to do these things. When it comes to finicky Summer Largemouth or Early Winter Smallmouth Bass or if you’re a bottom fishermen, then “The Fishing Line” gives you insight into the underwater world of Blackfish of NJ or NY, Porgies and Sea Bass as Rich Johnson and his guests guide listeners through the steps and techniques to boost your fishing prowess and experience.

Choosing the correct presentation, rod, reel, bait, hooks and lures is important and you too will be fishing like we know you can…with better success and hook up. For over a decade now, Rich Johnson’s “The Fishing Line” has teamed up with the regions best…and most well known captains to help us all become better anglers!

As many of you have done, listeners head back to the Internet site for a Recap of the shows with streaming video of action clips, Boating Tips and detailed graphics of the Rigs and descriptions of the products we used for success and you can link to the manufacturers’ sites to see product lines.

For over a decade, “The Fishing Line” has been…continues to be...and will always be “must listen radio” for anyone who fishes or wants to fish in the Northeast.

You too will be fishing like a pro after each show!


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