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"In a survey of thousands of consumers, concerning the believability and credibility of media and advertising, 54% of those surveyed placed the highest credibility in television with radio a close second. Only 38% ranked newspapers with magazines ranking last at only 5%"
Source: PreTesting Co., 1999-2000 season

While there are many fishing related websites in the market today, only “The Fishing Line” is backed by a weekly Television Show seen in 5.2 million homes with 15 million viewers in the northeast's NY Metro/NJ/CT Tri-state region and a pair of weekly Radio Shows heard in 8 million homes!

Only “The Fishing Line” is sponsor to The NY National Boat Show and the National Sportfishing & Outdoor Expo on Long Island and is the producer and host to the seminar series in both!

We get set to begin our 2nd decade on the airwaves...our loyal listeners and viewers number in the millions, not thousands! This truly makes us the leader and one true “Official Fishing Voice” for this region...the largest market place in the world!

With an on-line 115-page website and magazine, we average 1.5 million page views per month and one half million unique visitors per month! We are light years ahead of any competition with streaming video as clear as your living room TV set, real time streaming audio of our two weekly radio shows and the ability to place our advertisers radio & TV ads on our web site in streaming video & audio!

After you review our rates we're sure you’ll agree “The Fishing Line,” can AND will deliver your message with the ONLY true multi media forum and package to the market serving you best.

With print media sales down anywhere from 7 to 9% each year over the last the half decade and local fishing magazines making blatant exaggerations on their circulation numbers and so called number of readers, get true to life advertising with radio, TV and the Internet. This is the new market as dinosaurs of the past are losing readers NOT gaining readers as the society of today wants their information now.


"When we wanted to expand the brand recognition of Boater's World Marine Centers with New York and Long Island fishermen, we chose The Fishing Line as a key part of our marketing effort.  The results have been just what we needed - a solid connection with fishermen and a good voice for our company."
-Jay Jolly V.P. Marketing & Purchasing Boater's World Marine Centers.

“As a result of sponsoring Rich Johnson and “The Fishing Line” network & all he does, Rich reaches the anglers who buy our products in the Long Island metro area and the Jersey Shore. That's a huge number of avid anglers!"
-Wes Campbell, president Daiichi Hooks.

"The Fishing Line” is the finest show on TV. It's entertaining, informative, and easy to understand. It's one of the few fishing shows I watch beginning to end without changing the channel because of boredom. Rich is a natural, both as a fisherman and a teacher. We're fortunate to have Rich and his show on board. He’s helped make our products a household name in his region! -Paul Fischer, District Sales Manager - Pure Fishing 1995-2000

"We sponsor Rich Johnson's "The Fishing Line" because his shows (Radio and TV) are well known as an effective conduit to the Metro New York, Long Island and Jersey shore anglers." -Jake Hartwick, Exec. VP, The Outdoor Channel.


Do You Know...for less than 50% of what you pay for a full page ad in fishing magazines, you can have a TV spot played on our show? Do You Know...even at "thier" 50X rates...a TV spot is still less expensive by more than 50%?

Do you know that on average fishing magazines of our area only sell 22% to 35% of their magazines? That means an awful lot of them are never seen or read!

Did you know print publications claim three readers per copy, when in reality they all live in the same household? It is our opinion you have gained nothing from this, other than only one household with only one total income!

From my experience working for fishing magazines they usually average maybe 22 to 30% selling ratios with return rates as high as 70 & 80%. Your company (no matter whether it's fishing related or not), cannot afford to be one dimensional in print for all your advertising needs and derserves better and we enter the new millennium!

Advertising with "The Fishing Line" multi-media projects gives advertisers support through all three (3) mediums. If you advertise on make TV appearances with web support. If you advertise on the TV you get the radio and internet support and so on. If you would like to advertise on any of "The Fishing Line" media projects, radio, TV, Magazine or web, browse through the web links to the left and check out all you get.
You'll find our rates more than competitive and for all the added coverage through other can't go wrong.

Feel free to call and investigate how you can increase your business through advertising with "The Fishing Line" & RJ Productions.


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