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Who Appears On The Fishing Line?

For loyal "Fishing Line" listeners, the following list comes as no surprise as you have followed the show and the wide array of guests and topics each week since we debuted on the airwaves May 6, 1995. I would only hope your fishing success has improved dramatically and I thank each and every one of you for tuning in each week.

For those who have just found us on the airwaves (AM radio) or on the internet, all the information on the shows, is contained within this web site and hopefully that is how you traveled to this page.

Following is the list of all the guests, subjects and topics we have covered in our 5th and 6th seasons on the air. If you happen to see a guest, subject or topic that interests you, audio tapes of "The Fishing Line" radio show may be purchased by sending a check or money order made out to Rich Johnson for $9.95, which covers your shipping & handling charges.

Send check or money order to:

"The Fishing Line"
c/o Rich Johnson
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E. Atlantic Beach, NY   11561

TNN's Mark Sosin & Roland Martin This Season

For loyal "Fishing Line" listeners, the following list comes as no surprise as you Flip Palot, Bob Popovics & Rich Johnsonhave followed the show and the wide array of guests and topics each week since we debuted on the airwaves May 6, 1995. I would only hope your fishing success has improved dramatically and I thank each and every one of you for tuning in each week. Some guests have included such national anglers as Flip Palot of the Walker Kay Chronicles television series and noted fly tier Bob Popovics (pictured with Rich Johnson), Roland Matrin of TNN and other local and nationally known anglers such as Lou Tabory and many others.



  • 12/4: No Guest
  • 12/11: Bill Evans WABC TV weatherman
  • 12/18: Christmas Giveaways
  • 12/25: Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus


  • 11/6: Ralph Votta: Surf Fishing with Tins & Metals
  • 11/13: Capt. Anthony Gillespie: Winter Offshore Codfish & Bottom Fishing Trips
  • 11/20: The Johnson Family: Family Fishing Stories
  • 11/27: Thanksgiving Special


  • 10/2:Chris Squeri, Ex. Director NYMTA:Tobay Boat Show & New School Program
  • 10/9: Chart Guthrie & Betsy Wintergarten: DEC Fall Children's Fishing Festival
  • 10/16: Joe Gullo West End B&T: Surf Fisihg Tourney
  • 10/23: Fall Fishing Festival & Reports


  • 9/4: No Guest
  • 9/11:No Guest
  • 9/18: Chip Gorman Long Island NYS Parks & Hurricane Beach Erosion & Steve Heins NYSDEC Reff Specialist & The Fishing Line Reef Site
  • 9/25: Live Remote from Greeport Maritime Festival


  • 8/7: Mark Sosin of Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal on TNN
  • 8/14: Gary Sheibler of the Dorados
  • 8/21: No Guest
  • 8/28: No Guest


  • 7/3: John DeCufa Jack's B&T in City Island & Mark Keller Bay Park FS
  • 7/10: Ron Starke / Islander Boat Center: Trophy Fishing Boats
  • 7/17: Mike DeLillo of Walker Engineering: New Products for Outboard Engines
  • 7/24: Point Lookout Day: Capt. Al, Capt. Walter Specht & Tom Doheny
  • 7/31: Fishing Reports & Phone Calls


  • 6/5: Roland Martin / B.A.S.S. Champion and TNN's All American Fisherman
  • 6/12: Capt. Jimmy Schneider/Capt. James Joseph of Huntington. The North Shore's Great Fluke Fishing
  • 6/19: Mark MacLeod of 9er Lures in Middleboro, MA
  • 6/26:


  • 5/1: Capt. John Robinson of the party boat Rosie; Fishing the Moriches area
  • 5/8: Capt. Andy Becker of High Life II Charters: Shark Fishing
  • 5/15: On Location at Bernie's B&T new Brooklyn Super store
  • 5/22: Capt. Mike Riley of Super Fly Charters: Fly Fishing LI's North Shore
  • 5/29: Capt.'s Bob Wassuta of We Go Fishing B&T & Dave Lawrence of Celtic Horizon Charters. Fishing Long Island's North Fork


  • 4/3: Trout Unlimited: The organization & local Trout Fishing
  • 4/10: Capt. Al Tuzzolo/Nick Montello: Hudson Point Fishing Station & Bottom Line Charters Fishing Long Island's South Shore/Jones Inlet area
  • 4/17: John Cacciola/Glen Cove Sport Shop: Glen Cove & North Shore areas
  • 4/24: Steve Heins Marine Reef Specialist (4-5) & Mark Malenovsky (5-6) of Hooks & Brooks Guide Service. Trout Fishing Long Island


  • 3/6: Pat Augustine: Candidate for the MAFMC obligatory seat from NY State  
  • 3/13: Captree Captains/George Bartenback of the Capt. Rod & Capt. Joe Vandervelt of the JIB VI: Captree's 45th Bitrhday
  • 3/20: Dom Santillo/Fred Chall Marine Supply: Spring Boat Prep
  • 3/27: Live Remote from Fred Chall Marine Supply


  • 2/6:   No Guest
  • 2/13: Steve Sloan of Fisheries Defense Fund: NMFS Shark & Tuna Plans
  • 2/20: Ed Woltmann, DEC Regional Freshwater Fisheries Manager Long Island
  • 2/27: Dale Barnes of Fenwick: What's New in Fly Fishing for 99'


  • 1/2: Mike Duffy NMMA: NY Boat Show
  • 1/9: Pete Fiduccia: Whitetail Deer Strategies
  • 1/16: Kevin Falvey of Boating Magazine: What's New in Boating for 99'
  • 1/23: Bill Iacovone: Sportfishing & Outdoor Expo Nassau Coliseum
  • 1/31: Live remote from Coliseum Sportfishing & Outdoor Expo




  • 1/1: New Year's Resolutions
  • 1/8: Live Broadcast from NY Boat Show @ Javits Center
  • 1/15: Live Broadcast from NY Boat Show @ Javits Center
  • 1/22: Bill Iacovone: Nassau Coliseum Sportfishing Expo
  • 1/29: Live Broadcast from Nassau Coliseum Sportfishing Expo


  • 2/5: John McMurray of CCA: Surf Fishing Seminar
  • 2/12: No Guest
  • 2/19: Gordon Colvin, NYDEC Marine: Striper Reg's for the 2000 season
  • 2/26: No Guest


  • 3/4: Capt. Jim McFarland of Big Mac Charters, Green Island, MA
  • 3/11: Live broadcast from the West Marine store in W. Islip
  • 3/18: Helen Keller Fishing Club for the Blind
  • 3/25: Capt. Vin Calabro/Karen Ann Charters: Fishing the NY Bight & Rockaway Inlet


  • 4/1: Author Austin McK. Francis of "Land of Little Rivers"
  •     4 to 5 p.m. Members of Trout Unlimited 5 to 6 p.m.
  • 4/8: Mark Keller of Bay Park Fishing Station/Capt. Nick Savene No Time Charters
  • 4/15: Capt. Ben Braun: Onset Chief in Cape Cod
    • Capt. Tim Juettner of Capt. Dan in Captree

      4/22: Frank Hunter of Frank Hunter Marine Sales

    • Capt. James Schnedier: North Shore Spring Blackfish
  • 4/29: Collecting Antique Tackle & Lures


  • 5/6: Shaw Grigsby of TNN & Mike Nicoletti of Causeway B&T
  • 5/13: Moriches Day! Capt. John Robinson of the Rosie party boat and Gary of Silly Lilly Fishing Station.
  • 5/20
  • 5/27: Author Eric Sorenson: Angler's Guide to Freshwater Fish of North America


  • 6/3: Tom Doheny: Scotty's Fishing Station / National Fishing Week
  • 6/10: Tripp Manley: Manley INdustries and Fishing pliers & scales
  • 6/17: Roland Martin of TNN's Fishing w/Roland Martin / Father's Day Special
  • 6/24: No Guest: Rich Johnson gets engaged on the radio


  • 7/1: Eric Sorenson: Angler's Guide to Freshwater Fish of North America
  • 7/8: Prize Giveaways
  • 7/15: Joey Kola, Comedian & Fisherman
  • 7/22: Live Remote Chris Larking Fishing Tournament
  • 7/29: Felix Blume: Moby Stick Fishing Rods


  • 8/5: Jaime Fleischmann: Arts N' Flies Internet Fly Fihsing Shop
  • 8/12: Gary Scheibler: Dorados musical group. Papa Was a Fishin' Man
  • 8/19: Hank Altenkirch: Fishing the Shinnecock area
  • 8/26: Ralph Votta: Charlie Graves: New Fluke Bucktails and products and Capt. George Aswad of the Sea Queen on Party Boat Tuna trips


  • 9/2: John Haughey, Editor NY Hunting & Fishing Magazine
  • 9/9: Tom Rock Newsday Outdoor Writer
  • 9/16: Colin Moore, Senior Editor Outdoor LIfe Magazine
  • 9/23: Frank Hunter & Glann Mazzella / Tobay Boat Show
  • 9/30: TBA


  • 10/7: No Guests
  • 10/14: Bill Beckmann / Beckman's B&T Family Fishing Values & Chart Guthrie of DEC on Family Fishing Day & Fall Fishing Festival
  • 10/21: No Guests
  • 10/28: No Guests


  • 11/4: Clay Norris of Fenwick Rods
  • 11/11: No Guests
  • 11/18: No  Guests
  • 11/25: Steve Sloan


  • 12/2: Mike Duffy/NMMA: NY Boat Show
  • 12/9: Mike Hodgdon of Big Fish Tackle
  • 12/16: Legislator Jeannie Fields: Breast Cancer & Fishing
  • 12/23: Christmas Giveaways

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