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Get Permits Early

By Rich Johnson

First, I want to tell you about one of the best bargains in the state…the Empire Pass. If you fish Captree State Park and take advantage of the great angling opportunities on the Susan Ann, JIB VI, Capt. Rod, Captree Princess and Island Princess. The Empire Pass is only $49 and is available at any state park office or state park beach. If you buy two of them the second one is only $40. That means you can fish Captree seven days a week for the rest of year and not have to pay until 2001. That is a great bargain!

SURF FISHING PERMITS. Following is the most up to date info I could find on the beach permits for the 2000 surf fishing season. 2000 NY State Park Permit for fishing. For these permits, when you are on the beach you do need to have with you a portable toilet (5-gallon bucket), fishing pole, tackle, shovel, tow rope or chain, jack & jack board, spare tire, tire gauge to a minimum of 5 PSI and tires must not exceed 33 inches in diameter or 12.5 inches in width.   For the state fishing permits you may apply and receive your permit without these in your possession, but once you hit the beach they must be with you. If you are caught on the beach without them your permit may be rescinded. For the Federal Permits for FINS and Breezy Point, these items must be with you when you apply and pay for your permit.

   NY State Permits are available only until April 30th and then again after Labor Day! You can pick them up seven (7) days per week at Robert Moses Park, Montauk Downs or State Park Headquarters at Belmont State Park during business hours. Call 516-669-1000 with questions. For cars the fee is $15 and allows you to 24 hour parking in a State Park so you can fish undisturbed. Parks where it is car parking & fishing only it is Jones Beach in Field 6, Field 10 and West End II. In the Captree main field and Overlook area. At Sunken Meadow in Field 1 or Field 3. In Field 3 it's April 1 - Memorial Day & September 15 to December 15. It is year round at Wildwood State Park. Over at Robert Moses it’s Field 2, April 2 to December 31 & Field 4 from mid-September to mid-December. If you own a SUV or 4X4 or other beach vehicle the fee is $39. This permit allows you beach access for your vehicle at Hither Hills, Except July & August for 4X4's. Montauk Point & Napeague it’s 24 hours daily and at Democrat Point it is 24 hour access for 4X4’s only!

FEDERAL PERMITS: Fire Island National Seashore (FINS), the fee is $20 and good from April 1-June 13th and September 15-December 30th. FINS is the stretch of beach between Old Inlet and Long Cove (approx. 7 miles) and is closed to vehicular traffic due to an endangered species (Piping Plover) nesting on the beach on occasion so you should check first. When getting your permit you must watch a 5-minute film on proper beach etiquette & regulations. This permit is strictly for fishing and you must have the capability of surf fishing with equipment when on the beach. Call 516-281-3010 or 281-4065 (Smith Point Ranger Station).  

   Breezy Point: The fee is Fee: $25 and can be paid by check or money order ONLY! They are available 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven (7) days a week. You must have valid license and registration for your car or 4x4 vehicle.

Come to building One at Ft. Tilden and you must bring your fishing equipment plus equipment listed previously if applying for a 4X4 beach driving permit. Equipment must consist of at least a 7-foot pole and if applying for a 4x4 operation permit, you are required to watch 12 minute video on piping plover and beach regulations. At least 50% of persons over age 12 years must be actively fishing. Get you permit by going to the Rockaway side of the Marine Parkway Bridge to Ft Tilden, make a left, go to stop sign, make a left and building is on your right. Call 718-318-4300.

NASSAU COUNTY PERMITS: The Silver Point Pass is a must for anglers fishing to the west each season. It’s available to residents and non-residents with 24 hour fishing access. The cost is  $10 and you have to sit for a photo I.D. You can pick them up around mid-September and it is good only until May 1st. No vans or pick up trucks are allowed entry, no fires on beach and you have to wait for the guard at the gate and each person in the car must possess a pass. Call 516-239-4500.

   Nassau Beach: The cost is free and this beach is for Nassau County residents only. You do need a leisure pass to get your beach permit. The permit is good Memorial Day to Labor Day from 6 p.m. to 8 am. And from Labor Day on it is 24 hrs. Call 516-571-7700.

SUFFOLK COUNTY PARKS:  For Smith Point, Cupsogue, Shinnecock, Cedar Point (E. Hampton) & Theodore Roosevelt County Park (formerly Shagwong) the cost for residents Green Key access is  $20 and good for 3 years from point of purchase. Any resident 4X4 permit is $75 per calendar year with NO day use fee any more. A resident fall permit is $37.50. Sr. citizen and handicapped discounts on yearly passes available. For non-residents the yearly cost is $200 per permit per year. After Sept. 16th, the tourist (non-resident) fall permit fee is $75. They have day passes at $25 for resident and $35 for NON-residents between Memorial & Labor days. Call main office at 854-4949.

SURF FISHING. Speaking of surf fishing, remember to mark your calendars for Sept. 13, 2001 for The Fishing Line Surf Seminar at the Freeport Recreation Center. The first 300 anglers receive $50 worth of fishing tackle in their goody bag.

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