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Marine Insurance

Here on our Marine services page, we have the best of the best and the folks that do the work and insure The Fishing Line when we need these sort of services. Please feel free to use out name for discounts and help when calling or contacting these companies!

Al Mott Insurance (631-549-BOAT): At the Al Mott Insurance agency they insure boats only, that’s right just boats and representing six (6) major companies. Patriarch Alan R. Mott had 50 years of boating and fishing experience & 30 years marine insurance experience, now his son Tom and daughter are at the helm with 35 years of marine insurance expertise. Al Mott Insurance specializes in six-man charter boats, full and part time fishing boats, pleasure boats , jet skis and personal watercraft insurance.Al Mott Insurance is the true boat insurance specialist for all marine boating needs whether charter, fishing or pleasure boating! The Al Mott Insurance agency covers all boat and any marine insurance need. For marine insurance or a free quote call 631-549-BOAT, or on the web at

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