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New York State Marine Fish Records

Albacore (Longfin) 71-4 Jeff Manheimer, Medford, NY 08/17/96
Black Sea Bass 9-0 Sal Vicari, Bronx, NY 10/10/93
Tautog (Blackfish) 19-12 Jim Burgon, Riverhead, NY 08/22/92
Bluefish 25-0 Peter Weber, Jr., Montauk, NY 10/30/98
Cod 85-0 Fred Shay, Jr., Montauk, NY  02/25/84
Dolphin 52-0 Richard Dinka, Huntington, NY 08/25/85
Flounder (Winter) 7-3.5 Jack Cohen, Staten Island, NY 06/29/97
Fluke* 22-7 Charles Nappi, Hicksville, NY 09/15/75
Marlin (Blue) 1,174-0 Bill Sweedler, Westport, CT 07/20/86
Marlin (White) 130-0 Mrs. P. Dater, East Hampton, NY  08/13/51
Pollack 45-15 Bruce Morabito, West Islip, NY 08/26/88
Porgy (Scup) 6-4 Samuel Warren, District Hgts, MD 10/01/78
Shark (Blue) 395-0 Charlie Sanders, Center Moriches, NY 10/26/96
Shark (Mako) 1,080-0 James Melanson, Haverhill, MD 08/26/79
Shark (Thresher) 614-0 Joe Calandra, NY 10/12/94
Shark (Tiger) 1,087-0 Ken Rafferty, Massapequa, NY 07/23/86
Shark (White) 3,450-0 Don Braddick, Montauk, NY 08/06/86
Striped Bass 76-0 Bob Rocchetta, East Setauket, NY 07/17/81
Swordfish 492-4 Dorothea Casullo, Oyster Bay, NY 07/04/59
Tuna (Bigeye) 355-0 Richard Buechmann, Oakdale,NY  09/27/81
Tuna (Bluefin) 1,071-0 Larry Thompson, Montauk, NY 08/21/77
Tuna (Yellowfin) 239-0 Bob Clancy, Dix Hills, NY 08/14/78
Wahoo 99-4 Bruce R. Karas, Ronkonkoma, NY 08/24/97
Weakfish 19-2 Dennis Rooney, Seaford, NY 10/11/84

* All Tackle World Record

For further information contact Christina Grahn, NYSDEC (631) 444-0442 or e-mail the Bureau of Marine Resources.

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