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Need a Seminar Speakers for School, Fishing Club or Organization?

If your club, school or organization has an interest in having someone come to them for seminars, lectures or other speaking engagements & programs, then you've come to the right place.wpe17.jpg (72176 bytes)You will find these seminars and programs in depth, totally professional with appropriately dressed speakers and all equipment covered in that event's topic on site for "hands on"  learning. Following is the information on my seminars, lectures and the programs I can bring to you at your request. If you have a particular subject in mind other than what’s listed, it would not pose any kind of a problem. I would be more than happy to devise a program to fit your organization's need. If you have any questions and need answers, feel free to call me. I will answer any questions you may have on any of the enclosed material.

RATES: Depends on travel, expenses, program and materials needed.

TRAVEL & HOTEL: I have always gone by the belief that as a professional, if I am hired to speak at a particular function, it is my responsibility to get there on my own so I would NOT expect travel reimbursement or hotel fees.

SPECIFIC NEEDS: A chalkboard for diagrams in the various programs (if available, not necessary).

PROGRAMS: As you can see from my affiliations list enclosed with this letter, I am a NY State licensed fishing guide, well versed in a variety of topics on the sport of fishing. My programs follow and while most usually run about an hour to 1-1/2 hours, can be extended or shortened depending on your needs of scheduling.   


Plugging Stripers in Back Bays and Estuaries: A look at the exciting action that takes place in skinny water along the saltwater estuaries and marshes of the tri-state region. Tackle choices, what plugs to use and when, along with what makes an area productive are all covered in the 60-minute seminar.

Back Bay Fluke Fishing: An in-depth look at the fishing that takes place in the back bays for fluke. It offers the angler a look at prescribed tackle, artificials and bucktailing, bait fishing and proper presentation. Where-to & how-to information.

Fluke Fishing with Artificials: Favorite artificial baits to use for fluke fishing, tackle and rods to match, locating fluke for artificials, shallow flats fishing for fluke.

Back Bay Weakfishing: An in-depth look at weakfishing the back bays of the tri-state area. A look at baits, artificial presentation and rigging for both along with proper presentation for each. Structure and biological preferences are covered to improve an angler’s understanding of weakfish.

Drifting Eels for Stripers: An in-depth look at the way stripers set up on structure and feed. Proper tackle choices, line choices, preserving eels as bait, locating fish & fishing structure with proper presentation of the eel.

Mixed Bag Bottom Fishing: Tackles choices for blackfish, sea bass and other assorted bottom species. Baits for each species, special rigging requirements for each, where to fish for these species, preferred party boats as well will be covered.


Using Tins & Metal Lures in the Surf: The forgotten art of using metal lures and block tin in the surf is re-visited in this 60 minute seminar showing tackle choices, rigging with teasers and proper presentation of the metal lures. What makes a beach a good candidate for "tin" fishing is also covered along with tide scenarios and how to use the slope of the beach to your advantage.

Beginning Surf Fishing: Includes safety aspects of the sport, basic tackle and equipment set ups, recommended tackle purchases, plug assortment and the personal relationship one has within the sport.

Surf & Jetty Fishing (experienced): Seasonal choices for plugs & artificials, bait fishing, rigs. How to read a beach and what beaches to fish & when. Moon phases, tides & weather patterns effecting fish.


TROUT FISHING ON LONG ISLAND: Tackle choices, both fly & spin, safety tips, how-to & where-to information, seasonal fly choices and why, reading streams & rivers.
Panfishing: Sunfish, perch, catfish & crappie are all covered as are tackle and locations to fish. Seasonal changes and how they effect this fishing. Baits and artificials are covered as well.


**Fly Fishing for the Beginner: Proper tackle choices, theory between fly and spin fishing, proper casting techniques & basic flies a beginning angler should carry, accessories & safety.

**Fly Fishing for Largemouth Bass: The tackle needed and why trout fly tackle will not work here. Fly choices, locations to fly fish for bass, seasonal changes in fly fishing for bass, needed accessories and safety.

**Fly Fishing for Panfish: How to locate prime areas to wave the long wand for a variety of panfish. Fly choices, leaders, tackle and different weight outfits to match your quarry.


MEDIA & THE OUTDOORS: The responsibilities of the media and the outdoorsman, ethics, outdoor coverage. Party & Charter boats. Are things like they used to be & can they be?

CHILDREN & FISHING: Getting your child interested in the sport of fishing. Programs available for the child. What species should you introduce your child to first and why. Where to bring a child for his/her first fishing experience.

FISHING OPPORTUNITIES ON LONG ISLAND: Where to experience the thrill of Long Island Angling. Party & Charter boat information, Freshwater lakes & streams, trout, bass and panfish.

Richard Johnson / 516-889-6895 


  1. Over 40 years angling experience.
  2. Licensed NY State professional fishing guide.
  3. Fresh or saltwater.
  4. All species
  5. Inshore or offshore fishing.
  6. Fly and/or surf fishing a specialty.
  7. Bait, spin or flycasting.
  8. Experienced fly tier.


           Creator, producer & show host of “The Fishing Line” radio show, Saturday afternoons on WGBB 1240 AM, at 4 to 6:30 p.m. In our 9th season.

           Creator, producer & show host of  “The Fishing Line” radio show, Thursday nights on WGBB 1240 AM, at 7:30 p.m.

           Television show host, producer, ad manager of “The Fishing Line” television show, Saturday mornings, 8 a.m. In our 9th season, now on WLNY NY-55. Also now on Direct TV & the Dish Network

           Outdoor Editor w/weekly column for South Bay Newspaper…110,000 circulation

           Creator of our own web site magazine on internet:

           Creator Message & Discussion Boards on internet:

           Sponsor and Producer of Seminar Series at NY National Boat Show at the Javits Center & Outdoor Fishing Expo on Long Island

           Current member in good standing of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

           Current member in good standing of the New York State Outdoor Writers Assoc.

           Current member in good standing of the NY State Outdoor Guides Assoc.

           New York State licensed fishing guide.

           Sponsor to all of the NYS DEC Fishing Festivals & Events on Long Island

           On the board of the NY Department of Environmental Conservation’s Freshwater Fisheries Advisory Council.

           Have given many hours to New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation’s Urban Angling Program.

           Founder and president of the not-for-profit organization, “Let’s Go Fishing.” An educational organization to promote and encourage the sport of fishing and conservation.

           In 15th season as Adult Education teacher on Surf Fishing, Fly Fishing, Inshore and Offshore Fishing, Bottom Fishing and Tackle Care and Maintenance for Long Beach, NY School District.

           Board of Director to the Long Beach Council of Physical Fitness, Health and Sports, director of all fishing related projects and seminars.

           A leader in my community’s Sport Fishing and Aquatic Resource Education Program (SAREP) 1993-2000 for youngsters. This is a Cornell University funded program.

             Lecturer and seminar speaker: Suffren Expo, NY Boat Show, LI Outdoor Expo

           Contributor for Newsday, Long Island’s largest daily newspaper

           Nationally published in Bass Pro Shop’s “Outdoor World” magazine

           Nationally published in “Warm Water Fly Fishing” magazine

           Nationally published in the Black Bass Journal.

           Outdoor editor for the Long Beach Herald, seven editions (50,000 circulation)for 94’-96’

           Outdoor Editor of the South Shore Tribune, nine editions, 120,000 1996

           Contributing editor & writer “King of the Hill” fly fishing magazine on the Internet.

           Associate editor of The Fisherman magazine, corporate headquarters in Shirley, NY from 5/93 to 4/12/95.

           Feature story writer for The Fisherman magazine during period of 5/93 to 7/95 & 97’

           Contributing field editor & West End reporter for The Fisherman magazine, Long Island edition from 5/93 to 7/95.


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