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Here on "The Fishing Line" Services page, I offer you the opportunity of choosing the service you need. Whether it's hiring my licensed, professional guide service to take you fishing, or your club or organization seeks a professional seminar speaker, it's easy to just click on the correct button in the left border to solve all your fishing service needs.

Rich Johnson's Guide Service:

Whether you want to quietly flycast for rising trout along the nestled backwater streams of the Island, or fish the pounding surf for trophy stripers, bluefish & weakfish, or maybe even slug it out with largemouth bass or learn panfishing on a fly rod, the choice is simple. or Click on Guide Service in the left border.

"The Fishing Line" Seminar Series

wpe17.jpg (72176 bytes)If you want a packed house with professional seminar speakers who show up on time, give in-depth seminars with all that topic's equipment on site for hand's on learning, simply click on the Seminar Service button for all the information and programs available to you. As you can see from the photo, we pack them in with a full house every time!


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