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For 20 Years now our top notch, state-of-the-art television production stands above the rest of the imitators because we teach you more about the fish YOU want to catch in the NY/NJ/CT & RI region. We're now on 24/7 through our new outlet on Free Video on Demand through Mag Rack. The Fishing Line joined Mag Rack's Free Video On Demand on September 16, 2010 and never looked back. out viewership is growing and you do not have top be in front of  television set Saturdays at 8 a.m. anymore. Watch when you want to watch! The Fishing Line is joining the Video On Demand (VOD) section of all cable systems expanding into 30 million homes with Mag Rack! You go to the Home & Leisure section in Free Video on Demand and click on Mag Rack.

Mag Rack truly offers TV for whatever turns you on and if your passion is fishing, now you can find The Fishing Line among them 24/7. Mag Rack is available on demand, viewers can watch what they want, whenever they want it � with the convenience & control of pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding at any time. Mag Rack is available in your Life & Home or Home & Leisure sections via cable providers like Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, RCN, Mediacom, Insight, DirecTV, Dish Network, And Charter. Info at or also on line at or

Mag Rack is a FREE VOD television network dedicated to helping viewers make the most of life with exclusive content that inspires and informs. With new shows to choose from each week in a broad array of categories, Mag Rack is like having your very own video magazine rack, available right at your fingertips. From Italian-American cooking with Sopranos star Steve Schirripa (Steve Schirripa�s Hungry), to beginner pet care with �The Pet Shop�s personality Marc Marrone and even nurturing your child�s creativity with acclaimed actor John Lithgow (Paloozaville),

�The Fishing Line� was the region�s first television dedicated to fishing the Northeast and NY Metro area with NY, NJ, CT & Long Island our own fishing canvas. �The Fishing Line� let�s you experience northeast regional action like Diamond Jigging or Chumming Giant Bluefish as no one else can or has ever done�with exciting two camera production and stunning underwater video that captures the behavior of each species.

These special and �niche� techniques as we like to call them, are detailed and explained through state of the art computer graphics and on film with close ups and explanations of the tackle and equipment used on every show. How about Trolling Large Plugs for stripers and bass? Look back over the last half decade at the shows, topics and guests we've had.

Whether you�re a beginner or a pro, there is nothing like the explosiveness and excitement of a BIG striper chasing and pouncing on live bunker. The drag screams under intense pressure of the powerful surge from the linesider�s �broom� tail and the rod bends with gears straining to hold the beast. It�s here at �The Fishing Line� television show for nearly a decade...we�ve given viewers and anglers this kind of excitement! Learn the why�s and how�s of the tackle, techniques, Rigs and tactics used to subdue trophy fish of all species that call the northeast home.

Whether we use Live Herring for Winter Stripers, or Live Snappers for Doormat Fluke, Plugging Bass and Blues in the skinny water of the back bays in the early morning of a summer heat wave or hitting the Surf for Striped Bass or Kingfish from time to time...�The Fishing Line� has covered it and will continue covering it all�giving northeast regional anglers exciting fishing action and information.

Would you like to see weakfish wormed or bucktailed on light tackle? How about seeing a Leaping Thresher Shark or Catching the Tresher �huge Offshore gamefish or perhaps the intricate details of finicky Summer Largemouth or Early Winter Smallmouth Bass? If you�re a bottom fishermen, �The Fishing Line� gives you insight into the underwater world of Blackfish of NJ or NY, Porgies and Sea Bass as Rich Johnson and his guests guide viewers through the steps and techniques to boost your fishing prowess and experience.

Choosing the correct presentation, rod, reel, bait, hooks and lures� you too will be fishing like we know you can�with much better success and hook up ratios. As we do on �The Fishing Line��you too will know how to keep live bait fresh, kicking and wanted by every game fish.

For nearly two decades Rich Johnson�s �The Fishing Line� has teamed up with the regions best�and most well known captains to help us all become better anglers! As many of you have done, viewers� head back to the Internet site for a recap of the shows with streaming video of action clips and full episodes, some with the list Editing Room floor footage expanding these shows to nearly an hour of exciting fishing in your own backyard.

For nearly two decades �The Fishing Line� has been�continues to be...and will always be �must see TV� for anyone who fishes or wants to fish in the Northeast. You don�t want to miss our 26-week season filled with enough excitement to last a lifetime and...

You too will be fishing like a pro after each show!


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